Stone Loops of Jurassica Review

I considered making my entire review for Stone Loops the three words, “Buy this now” or perhaps, “Better than Zuma.”

As easy as that would have been, I suppose the readers deserve more than a simple recommendation. So while the following is a more in depth look at the game, understand that it will culminate in my wholehearted support for your decision to purchase Stone loops.

sl2The mechanics in Stone Loops are almost immediately graspable within its two different modes. Classic mode has players shooting colored stones out of the horizontally scrolling ‘gun’, matching three of the same color stones to cause them to disappear. If any of the marbles advance far enough so that they enter the gaping mouth of a dinosaur skeleton you will lose the game. Stopping the advance of the stones is as easy as moving the gun right and left along the bottom of the screen and releasing your finger once ready to shoot. In the games other mode, the objective is the same but the player uses the gun to first pull a stone out of the group and then releases their finger to shoot the stone back into the line. The game includes multiple power-ups that whose functions include: blasting many of the stones into nothingness, sniping specific stones from the lines, or destroying part of the line with a ferocious pterodactyl.

There is something about the atmosphere, execution and polish of Stone Loops of Jurassica that simply makes the game feel great. Combinations are rewarded with large amounts of points and flair, colors pop off the screen, and the game’s use of sound is exceptional. While the option to play one’s own music is not available, this is likely due to the fact that the game uses music to create tension while the game advances. As stones approach the end of the line, the music’s tempo increases and the intensity of the situation skyrockets. Such a simple implementation of sound is highly effective, and the return of the normal music brings added relief to a situation in which the player has approached the brink of failure and then managed to pull off a quick saving combo.

sl3I have very little to say about Stone Loops, which in this case is a good thing. The player feels right at home with the game seconds after picking it up. Stone loops excels in its simplicity, and keeps the user invested with its feel-good nature.

You can buy Stone Loops of Jurassica right now on the app store on sale for ninety nine cents. For the hesitant person, there is also a lite version available.

Stone Loops of Jurassica is the best in its class, featuring gameplay that is not wholly original but simultaneously immensely enjoyable.

Final Score:


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  • silentrocco

    You are completely right,
    the best of its class!

  • STP_Tim

    This game is exceptional. A 4/4 in Slide To Play’s book, and well deserved too.

  • Rock $ Rolla

    maybe this is good


    i have got this game on my other phone.

  • vineet