Stick Golf HD – review

Minimalism and sport meet in this fun, but short lived crazy golf game from Noodlecake Games…

There’s no shortage of Golf titles on the AppStore, and even some high profile outings from EA with Tiger Wood’s and Gameloft with their Let’s Gold Series (not to mention Dave’s favourite ‘Open GL Golf!). These tend to veer towards realism, with various methods of touch control and high quality 3D eye candy to match. Then there is the other end of the scale. Golf games that favour function over form and offer a stripped back game of golf down to its bare essentials, and I might add, can be no less fun than the all singing and all dancing premium titles. It is here where Stick Golf comes in.

mzlxssqbevw480x480-75Presented in a side-on-view, Stick Golf looks like a flash based game that you would play in your browser. Simple block colour shapes create the courses which include hazards, such as water, fire or green ooze, as well as sand traps and of course the green itself. Visually it reminds me a bit of the first Rolando. In fact, thinking about it, Rolando Golf would be awesome! (you can have that idea for free ngmoco!)

The object of the game, as is with any golf game, is to finish each course either matching the par score of the course or beating it by coming in under par (using less shots required). To do this you control a little stick man on the course, by adjusting his direction of swing, and then setting the power of the shot. This is done using three tap based buttons. Two for direction, and one for starting a power bar for swing power. These controls are ridiculously simple to use, making this game perfect for casual play sessions.

Each course has 9 holes to complete, and you must run through each in order (there are no mulligans) before finding out if you have beaten the course score, before unlocking the next course. Each course is themed, such as Ice, Moon or Funky, but despite a visual difference, they react the same. A shame really, since antigravity golf on the moon levels would be a fun twist.

mzlurlxfqbi480x480-75Despite some truly tricky courses, the majority are straightforward enough, and after a few goes you’ll be coming in under par in no time. You can up the difficulty with a hard mode which introduces wind into the equation, and for golfing pros I’d recommend it to add more challenge.

One glaring omission to this game, and one that severely cripples the final score for me, is that there is no multiplayer to speak of. The ability to play the courses either on separate devices or even better, through pass-and-play, is a huge missed opportunity in my book. It would add longevity that this game sorely needs.

Overall Stick Golf is a fun little golf game, offering crazy courses which will both challenge you and have you coming back for more. But without Multiplayer it’s missing that special something that makes it a must buy. If you are sick of all the realism of the premium golf games out there and just want a more simplistic approach to the sport, then Stick Golf might be for you.


Stick Golf HD is out now for $2.99. Get it on the Stick

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