Steve Young Football Review

Football is all about making touchdowns and that is what Steve Young Football focuses on. Is it good enough to just tackle your way through touchdowns though? 

The main idea behind the game is quite simple: drag Steve Young to the touchdown. Of course, it is a little bit more complicated than that. You just have one chance of “throwing” him across the screen. Once he passes the yellow line, you can’t control him anymore. Meaning, if you throw him and he doesn’t passes the yellow line then you can throw him again. Now, once you through him you need to make sure to grab at least one star and for him to stop at touchdown. If one of  these doesn’t come true, then there is a chance for another down (up to four downs, like normal football).

steveyoung1Sounds easy right? Wrong! There are different kinds of obstacle, from tornadoes to pigs that will stop you on your tracks. The idea is to evade these obstacles, while still grabbing a star and making it to the touchdown. The idea is pretty cool, but to me it fell short in many aspects.

First up, the gameplay itself. The flickering or throwing of Steve Young didn’t work as precise as I would hope. It wouldn’t react to my flicking or it would simply go to a direction that I didn’t mean it to go. Another aspect that made the game un-challenging was the fact that although you might think that a lot of thinking is required, the contrary is actually true. Getting to the touchdown seemed more like luck than anything else most of the times.

The physics of the game don’t help matters either. While trying to bounce Steve Young against a wall sometimes he would just crash against the wall and then continue in that direction, or simply go right through the wall; that was certainly frustrating.

The worst part of the game are the sounds. Wow, are they annoying! Steve Young never really shuts up, and the pigs are irritating as hell, as are many of the other obstacles sound effects. I played the game on mute most of the times because of that.

steveyoung2The multi-player part of the game, however, was actually pretty interesting. One of the players sets obstacles and the other player must try to complete it. Be careful though, the obstacles you set will affect you when your turn comes up as well (this seemed kind of unfair if you ask me). Then the players change places. It will continue like this until the timer runs out and whoever has more touchdowns by then, wins.

Although there is a great variety of levels, and the idea behind the game sounds like fun, Steve Young Football still falls pretty short on the whole fun aspect. I wouldn’t really suggest this one, at least not until it is greatly improved.


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