Static Break review

Static Break is a puzzle game with a really own look and feel. You have to fix your TV that has been overrun with static all over the channels. There are 50 channels to fix, and they get progressively harder for each channel you fix.

To repair a channel in Static Break you have to get rid of all the static boxes interfering with the broadcast. To do so you have to match them according to the frequency of the channel. img_0943For example frequency 4 means you have to remove 4 static boxes at the same time. You can only remove them horizontally and vertically, and it requires both heavy thinking and some trial and error to succeed.

The controls are straightforward; simply drag across the boxes you want to remove. If you try to remove less or more than the frequency nothing happens. A reset button in the lower left corner lets you retry the puzzle quickly when you make an error.

Static Break is a really cool looking game that reminds me of the games developed by FORMation: KERN, Press Check and Eye vs Eye. Minimal, and unique games with good controls.

The graphics are clean, and feel like real static. That is also a problem for longer sessions, as static isn’t too fun to watch for long no matter how good it looks. When you finish a level you get to see the clear picture. This picture is usually some kind of test image used for broadcasting. Nice but I would rather have liked to see a still frame from the show I fixed. What is the point repairing channels that only broadcast test images? To get players involved, and motivated beyond only completing puzzles, some kind of reward would be appreciated.

img_0944There is no music but rather a lot of static and interference in the game. Browsing the levels at the main menu is actually quite scary as there are snippets of game shows, news, static and movies all filled with interference. It reminds me a bit of the feeling I get when the radio starts buzzing in Silent Hill for the Playstation. You can play your own music, and have the game audio as well. This might be a bit confusing though having music and interference at the same time.

One thing that really bothers me is the fact that the status bar is visible when playing Static Break. It kind of spoils the feeling to a great extent for me.

50 levels for $2.99 with no achievements or unlockables limits game life. At a buck it would be a better deal, or if some kind of online functionality was implemented.

If you are looking for a unique puzzler that forces you to use your brain I can warmly recommend Static Break. There are some drawbacks though to keep in mind such as the lack of rewards, limited game life and visible status bar.

Final Rating



Static Break $2.99

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