Stardust Hero review

Just a letter from our own star Nigel, Rigel is here to go supernova.

Peggle has a special place in my heart ever since I spent weeks playing it on a click wheel iPod Nano at hospital waiting for my daughter to emerge from sleep after heart surgery. It was the only thing that managed to soothe me, and even made me feel a bit better. My daughter has recovered, but my fond memories of Peggle remain. I have had a yearning to experience another game that is so full of feelgood goodness, and flashing sparkling lights setting neurons in harmonious states. Now it has finally arrived in the shape of a star named Rigel collecting stardust in Stardust Hero.

Launching Rigel is done by touching him, and then dragging to set the new trajectory. When you release he is sent flying. Initially he can only break the blue blocks, but as he collects more stardust his power grows. Soon he can smash yellow blocks, and then orange ones. The final stage of power sets Rigel into a supernova state where he can smash anything without loss of speed.

You are free to launch Rigel how many times you want to. Just tap him to slow down to quickly set up a new shot. There is a time limit of 90 seconds, and once it is up you can’t do anything more. If Rigel has been launched just before the timer ends he will move until he comes to a stop. This is a perfect opportunity to grab three stars by sending him on a mad dash in the last second.

The time limit is something that could be seen as a stressful annoyance, but I find it to be quite exciting. With ten seconds left, and only one star awarded the final couple of shots have to be taken with care. If each level starts with a minute of calm it certainly ends with ten seconds of excitement. The experience combined becomes highly enjoyable.

Stardust Hero is a pretty game with a colour palette along the lines of Tiny Wings. Bright colours that have been processed to have a slightly washed out character. There are cool sparkly effects everywhere, and it is a joy for both the eyes and the ears. This is the kind of game that is perfect after a long day at work, or a hard test at school, or anytime that you feel knackered and just want to have some time to yourself.

Stardust Hero is one of those games that you just want to keep on playing. Sadly it ends, and when it does you haven´t got much left to do. Sure there are bonus levels, and some secrets to find but I never wanted it to end no matter what. Still this comes highly recommended, and you will get hours of relaxed exciting fun.

Final Rating


Stardust Hero HD $2.99 iPad only
Stardust Hero HD Lite

Stardust Hero $1.99
Stardust Hero Lite

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