Star Wars: Trench Run – review [Updated]

THQ release an update to Star Wars: Trench Run adding new missions and features. Jump to the end to read Jose’s impressions of 2.0…

THQ let you relive the closing moments leading up to the destruction of the Death Star of Star Wars: A New Hope. But does it wield the true power of the force, or is it as fun as counting mediclorians?

Well, first off, those expecting a mobile edition of the Gamecube Rogue Squadron are in for disappointment, this game does not have that kind of scope. However, those of you who remember the classic arcade experience will be taken down memory lane. Don’t worry though, this isn’t a graphically limted vector based game like the arcade original, far from it, it almost looks as good as Rogue Squadron. But, from a gameplay point of view it’s pretty much the same.

starwars1From the main mission mode, you start out orbiting the Death Star where you must take down the attacking Tie Fighters. Control is through accelerometer to fly the X-Wing, and two simple touch areas for shooting (right side of screen) and activating Force power (left side), this force power slows time allowing you to react better to on-coming obsticles or get a lock-on a tie fighter. On completion of the dogfighting you will then be taken into the trench run scenario. Here you must avoid turret fire, overhead obsticles and finally watch your back for Darth Vader. After the signature scream of “you’re all clear kid” from Han Solo, you must then ready yourself for the final hoorah of the torpedoes down the exhaust port. Job done!

While these sections are selectable as separate missions, played together they all merge as one. Once complete, however, there isn’t a whole lot more to do. You can play through it again for a better score, or try a harder difficulty… and there is an arcade mode that takes each mssion and replays over and over increasing difficulty each time… similar to a wave based shooter.

As I said before, those expecting something deep will be disappointed. But perhaps they are missing the point. To me this is a re-imagining of the arcade classic… and for that it does a great job, perfectly replicating the sound and action of that closing act. However, with it’s relatively high price point, and when compared to other fly and gun games like Above and Beyond and Top Gun, it doesn’t really stand up from a value and content standpoint.


Star Wars Trench Run is out now for $4.99

Trench Run 2.0 Update: Impressions by Jose Ramos

Nigel has already reviewed this game with a 2.5 star rating. Now we look at it again because of the new update, but is it worth it? Has it improved?

The truth of the matter is yes and no. The game seems to be pretty much the same and they only added three new maps, which of course extend the storyline a little but more, but it is practically the same. You are in the final moments of the Death Star and the seven different missions go together to tie it all up. You can now control the Millennium Falcon, or at least its turrets. You can change between the top turret and the bottom turret. That part is pretty cool; the only bad thing is that you can’t really look to some areas so it limits you when shooting, but I never got killed because of that so that’s no problem.

On the other end there is the X-wing which you will be controlling most of the game. Now the first time you use this classic baby you will be fighting around the Death Star. The problem is that it seems like you are flying, but you really aren’t. You are stuck in one place and you rotate 360 degrees, on a 3D vector, to fight off the Tie fighters. Now that might not seem like a problem, but when you have a Tie fighter behind you it is kind of difficult to get rid of them and they will kill you almost instantly, and that was while playing it on medium difficulty, imagine the other two harder difficulties. I would probably be throwing my lovely iPhone to the ground. No one wants that.

There is also the arcade version of it, which you can play three different levels and choose from five different kinds of ships, including TIE’s and the Y Wing, in order to get the best score you can possibly get. You can play this as many times as you want and it will continue until you run out of lives.

The game is pretty much the same and doesn’t quite warrant a 2.0 title, more like 1.5. Same graphics which aren’t really THAT great; same music which is always epic enough, pretty much same everything. The only additions are the three new levels where you are able to use the Millennium Falcon, extra ships. Despite the new offerings, for me the game still doesn’t offer enough for the price tag, $4.99, but if you are a hardcore Star Wars fan you might want to try it out but I warn you: the replayability isn’t high. If you are just a casual Star Wars game you should definitely pass on this one. I give it one more star than last time, simply because it is longer now.

There is a new mode where you can use your iPhone as a controller for the browser version of the game, but this is an extra DLC mode at $0.99. It’s a cool little idea, but a bit pointless.

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  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    Finally a correct review of Trench Run, saw a 3/4 at STP and felt pain to my stomach. Now please bring us some proper Tie Fighter!

  • Dominick Accattato

    try connecting your laptop to your big screen HDTV and use the iphone/itouch etc as the remote. You’re no longer bound to the resolution or graphics power of your iDevice, then when your done take that same game on the train with you.. this is the only game out there that lets you do that.. pointless?

  • Nathan Mustafa, USA

    Steam lets me do that with better games (e.g. Torchlight).