Star Wars Pinball Now Free

Won’t cost you a pinny

Don’t say I never give you anything. Today, I am generously handing out free copies of Star Wars Pinball for your beloved iOS devices. That’s right, me Kevin Moore, am giving you, The Dear Reader, a completely free game!

Or in other words, it’s available free now on the App Store.

Pins and balls are a painful mix in real life, trust me, I know. But our very own Nathan braved the torture to give it four stars in our original review, calling it ‘a damn fine pinball game’, saying he was  ‘amazed at the detail and variety’, and confessing ‘I really need to go to the toilet’. I have conveniently placed a link to the review for you here:

So not only do you get a free game from me, you also get a free link to the review of the game! My word I’m generous!



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