Star Wars: Cantina review

A long time ago in a cantina far, far away…. It is a period of unquenchable thirst. Rodians, thirsty for some green and blue, have travelled all the way to Tatooine. Inside the Thirsty Banta Cantina, Imperial stormtroopers sheathe their blasters to get a couple of girly drinks, the cosmopolitans, a drink so full of hugs and kisses that even Jedi knights become your best mate. Running her soles thin, Nia Adea, races to please all the customers. Nia knows that a good drink could end the war, or at least make her a steady profit….

img_0945Star Wars: Cantina is a time management game in the vein of Sally’s Spa and Diner Dash. The Cantina is divided into two parts that you have to zap Nia Adea between. The waiting customers need to be told to enter by tapping them. Once they have walked down to the second screen, and taken a table they want to order. Tap them to take the order, and go back to the first screen to collect the drinks. Deliver the drinks to the table, and take their payment when done. Dirty glasses left behind need to be cleaned by picking them up, and taking them to the sink on the first screen. Going back, and forth between the two screens get really hectic. Nia Adea only moves between set points such as customers, bar disk, sink, and tables. She moves quickly, and the only thing to really worry about is getting the tasks done in a good order. There is no queue system, and all tasks are done really quickly giving the game a fast pace.

img_0948The story mode tells a story about how Nia wants to help her friend to pay back a debt. It is quite generic, and told in still images. A bit of a bummer since the graphics are really nice, and an animated movie would tie in perfectly. There are only 16 levels available in the game, and I managed to beat them all within two hours. Those two hours were some of the best I have ever spent with the iPhone. The fast pace, brilliant presentation and hilarious recognisable characters spell goodness.

The short game life of the story mode coupled with the fact that you will get all the upgrades no matter how good you are limits replay ability. As long as you get the target score for a level you get to choose an upgrade. There is no perfect or expert score to get, which is quite a bummer as it is an established aspect of time management games. For the last levels you have got the cantina fully decked.

img_0946To gain game life THQ has included an endless mode letting you try your hardest to serve as long as you can. A five star ranking gets diminished for every customer leaving, and once all stars are gone the game is over. There is no online functionality making this mode quite strange with no competition. Furthermore there are no achievements to go gain from playing the game again.

It is strange to rate a game such as Star Wars: Cantina as it is such a polished product that lacks more than two hours of gamelife. The comical cantina renditions of classic Star Wars tunes, hilariously animated bar brawls and quick paced gameplay makes it one of the most enjoyable time management games I have ever played. The lacklustre upgrade system, lack of gamelife, online functionality and achievements make it a short experience not worth going back to. For the final rating I am going to rate more on the level of enjoyment than game length. If you want a really hefty game I recommend Farm Frenzy 2. If you want to have two hours of pure time management fun definitely consider Star Wars: Cantina.

Final Rating


Star Wars: Cantina $4.99 (get it from Star Wars: Cantina)
Version: 1.0.22
Seller: THQ, Inc.

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  • AnotherTim

    I’ve never played a time management game, but I always imagine playing them will be like work. I used to be a waiter, and let me tell you, I would rather gouge out my own eyes and do that again.

  • AnotherTim

    *I would rather gouge out my own eyes THAN do that again.