Star Rocket review

Star Rocket is a simple physics flyer in space. The bulbous Star Rocket has to navigate past planets and asteroids while collecting all the stars. When all stars have been collected the level ends, and you get a star rating based on time. Simple, but highly addictive gameplay due to tight controls and challenging short levels.

The controls in Star Rocket is limited to a digital keypad for navigation, and a thrust button. Gravity pull has to be negotiated, and there are some odd bouncy materials found in space giving the opportunity for some cool stunts. The controls are tight, and at times I find myself navigating past asteroids at a hairs length. Smashing into a planet kills the rocket, and you have to start the level from the beginning. Completing a level is easy if you take it slow, but then you won’t score the coveted three stars. It is really hard to get a perfect score, and I am happy when I manage to get two stars for a hard level. This level of challenge combined with great controls makes it a true time sink.

The presentation isn’t that inspiring, and looks a bit childlike. To some extent this adds a level of charm, but I would like to have a more realistic look. The asteroids look like chocolates in space. I do like the graphical style of the rocket with the old cartoon look. There is no music to be found in Star Rocket, but you are free to play your own tunes. The sound effects are limited, and not that good. The sound emitted when you smash your rocket is loud, and feels out of context.

img_3377The strength of Star Rocket beside the nice gameplay is the game life. With 85 levels you can play it for quite a few hours. If you fail a level three times you will get a level skip option. This is really handy, as some levels are hard as nails. Thanks to the developer for pointing this out.

Star Rocket is a great little casual space flyer with loads of levels. The presentation lets it down, and the substandard sound effects are annoying. I can still recommend the game to anyone looking for a challenging little game offering great game time for a dollar.

Final Rating


Star Rocket $0.99

Version: 1.0
Seller: Michael Fogleman

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  • Michael Fogleman

    Hi, I’m the developer of Star Rocket. Thanks for the review! Just wanted to point out that there is a skip option, but it only activates if you fail a level three times. This is mentioned in the tutorial.

    Also, Star Rocket Lite has been submitted to Apple and features 12 levels. The full version is also getting updated and now has 121 levels in 3 separate level packs.

    I’ve also made the crash sound quieter. :)

    Thanks again! (I just happened to find this via a Google search)