Star Marine – Metroid meets Bionic Commando

Hitting this Thursday (January 12th) is Star Marine: Infinite Ammo, a run-and-gun shooter from GlitchSoft…

I’ve been paying it this week, and having just completed it I can assure those of you who love games like Contra and Metal Slug will get a big kick out of this. As you can tell from the title of this post I am also comparing it to two other big name side-scrolling shooters, Metroid and Bionic Commando. It doesn’t have the exploration or puzzles of Metroid (and I’m talking Super Metroid here), but I felt that the atmosphere it aims for is very similar, particularly some of the enemies and the art style. And the Bionic Commando link? Well lets just say that you will find yourself handing from bars and rope swings from time to time!

The game features 11 levels in which you play as a hardened space marine who’s got himself in a bit of a pickle within a robot-infested star system. The levels are fairly large and feature many varied enemy types from androids to arachnids, and drones to Borg-like zombies. Most culminate in a boss battle, which occasionally span multiple encounters within the same level. Once the campaign mode is over you can then test out your powered-up marine in a selection of challenges, these include survival modes in every environment from the campaign, but with enemies coming at you in waves. Another is a boss-rush, throwing all the boss encounters at you in order.

As the game’s full title suggests, Star Marine: Infinite Ammo features a fair amount of weapons, varying in power and ability. You’ll start off with a basic assault rifle and then as you progress will earn credits to spend on powering it up or purchasing newer and more powerful weapons. The slower, but more rewarding approach to this is to earn credits by killing as many enemies in each level as possible (you can replay levels for more points). However, as with most iOS games you can of course buy your way to glory. A third option lets you earn a credit each time you watch an iAD style commercial, an interesting approach for the cash-strapped gamer out there.

Star Marine: Infinite Ammo looks to offer up a big dose of retro-inspired shooting when it hits the AppStore this Thursday. Be sure to check out my full impressions in our review of the game when it hits!

In the meantime check out some screenshots from my Star Marine travels, and below that is a description for each of the weapons that you’ll experience:

Assault Rifle:
Arc’s Ol’ Faithful! The Assault rifle is standard issue rapid-fire fully automatic that releases a fury of high velocity rounds. The rifle does not sustain damage, and it boasts an unlimited supply of ammunition. Like a trusted friend, it is always there to back you up!

The Reaper:
The reaper, aka ‘Johnny Quick Death’ is a plasma propelled rocket launcher with optional upgradable seeking ammunitions. Once upgraded, the reaper can be used to deploy multiple simultaneous rockets for maximum devastation. Pull the trigger and forget about it!

The Decimator HD:
HD is for Heavy Damage. The decimator is a very tactile, high explosive grenade launcher that can be of real service when you’re in a tight spot, under enemy fire, or up against heavily armored enemies. Short ranged, but extremely powerful, the Decimator delivers the highest amount of impact damage within Arc’s weapons arsenal.

The Crippler:
Apply named for its ability to quickly debilitate an onslaught of enemies, the Crippler is a devastating spread-fire shotgun that packs a real punch. On the move or in a standoff against multiple attackers, the Crippler can dispatch enemies quickly and efficiently.

The XF Combustor:
An intense heat flamethrower, the XF Combustor boasts considerable stopping power against organic enemies and offers supreme protection from airborne attackers! With upgradable range and incineration power, the XF levels the playing field against the most menacing of adversaries!

Storm Cannon:
The weapon of the times! The Storm Cannon is an advanced lightening chain-gun capable of simultaneously targeting several enemies with a single pull of the trigger. Complete with an automatic target lock, the Storm Cannon identifies and electrifies all enemies within range of conduction!

Ion Torch:
Producing a focused blast of charged ION’s, the Ion Torch halts the hardest of enemies and rapidly cuts them down to size. Although the torch is limited in range, it is equally effective on both Organic, Robotic, and Hybrid enemy types

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