Stand O´Food 3 review

Has it been that long already? I reviewed the first Stand O´Food more than two years ago in the summer of 2009. 2010 saw the sequel that I didn’t get around to reviewing. Now the third Stand O´Food has surfaced, and it is more or less the same as the previous instalments. The main difference is that Ronnie moves his burger flipping business to Tinseltown. A new scenery with more extravagant customers, and customer demands. Other than that it is just another day working for minimal wages.

bild1The Stand O´Food franchise is a true time management series with queued actions. Customers walk into the joint, and their demands are shown above their heads. You have to build the proper burger or sandwich, as quickly as possible. Ingredients are found on a number of conveyors, and you can only grab the item on the end. This gives the game a hint of puzzle, and it is definitively not a viable strategy to just tap items without plan. Bun, meat and bun might sound easy to accomplish. It generally is, but then you get your cheeses, bacons and fish added to the conveyors. Customers also want to have some good sauce to spice things up.

Between levels you get to upgrade the restaurant, or spend your money on refilling the sauces. Progress is shown on a town map in true time management fashion. Everything about Stand O´Food 3 is derived from the standard time management formula. Story told in images, and text. Cute, and slightly naïve characters. The music is also your typical cheery affair, and as usual I get nauseous after a couple of levels. Thankfully the music can be turned off, and you can play your own instead.

bild2The graphics are really polished, and alongside Supermarket Mania 2 this is the best looking time management game on the App Store. Loading times are quick on the iPhone 4, and the iPad 2. This has been greatly improved from the earlier games in the series.

In numbers the game is quite impressive with 75 levels spread over three settings. There is no less than 90 recipes that uses 18 sauces, and I have no chance of getting them all right. Heck when the game gets going it is hard to even survive on the normal difficulty. There are three levels of difficulty, and I really think that is a good move from G5. Kids can play on casual, I can play on normal, and my wife can play it on hardcore. The challenge is often lacking in time management games, but not so in Stand O´Food 3. It also comes with Game Center integration for scores, and achievements.

Stand O´Food 3 is a polished entry in the time management genre. If you loved the first two it is a natural step to get the third as well. If you are new to the franchise the third is a good place to start. It has a good tutorial, and eases newcomers into the formula. It can be skipped by seasoned players. Stand O´Food 3 is no revolution compared to the earlier games, but it brings a level of polish seldom seen in the genre.

Final Rating


Stand O´Food 3 Free, $4.99 IAP to unlock full game
Version: 1.0
Seller: G5 Entertainment AB

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