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Sr. Mistu loves pizza, and it has to have olives on it. Now he has run out of olives, and has to find some to be able to make his dream pizza. For some strange reason olives have been scattered all across town, and instead of going to a supermarket Sr. Mistu picks them from the ground. This might not sound like such a hard task, but sadly Sr. Mistu is blind and has to rely on his dog Gaido.

Sr. Mistu is a line drawing game where you first draw the path using Gaido, and then watch the blind dude walk the path. The line drawn is thin, and it is often hard to hit the olives spot on. I would have liked a broader line because it is hard to aim precisely. This is due to the fact that I cover the area I am drawing on, as I draw. For most line drawing games this is not a problem, as you can go back and redraw or the game is lenient in interpreting the line. For example Flight Control allows sloppy drawn flight paths to land even if the line isn`t 100% correct. In Sr. Mistu this leads to retries, and after a while I gave up trying to pick up all the olives. There are three olives for each level to pick up, but a level is completed even if you just walk Mistu to the exit.

The challenge in Sr. Mistu apart from the controls are the fact that objects, people and animals are in the way. A scene is played out showing how everything moves, and then you have to navigate through traffic, playing children and stupid dogs. This is also a game of trial and error to find the best path. At times you have to wait to walk over a road, and has to draw small circles trying to calculate the time. After a while this got more, and more tedious to me.

img_3705The game has Facebook integration for scores, but lacks any of the potent social platforms. To me the lack of achievements hurts the game, and not having Game Center or OpenFeint goes against the standard for iOS games today. The levels on offer can certainly give you hours of line drawing, and memorization.

I really enjoy the hand drawn presentation that gives the game a unique feel. This is the biggest strength of the game, and it might be worth getting for graphics alone. Too sad that the gameplay doesn`t match the lovely art style. The music is a soft guitar pop track by The Black Atlantic. I find it nice, but not really that interesting. After having the song looped for a couple of levels I got bored with it.

Sr. Mistu is a new take on line drawing that combines the draw mechanic with memorization. In short bursts it is quite fun, but playing more than a level or two quickly turns the formula into a tedious exercise in memory. At a buck it is an ok investment, but don`t expect it to hook you as other line drawing games tend to do.

Final Rating


Sr. Mistu $0.99
Version: 1.0.3
Seller: Marc Sallent

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