Sprinkle – Review

Water physics are always a fun aspect to add into any game, they’re unpredictable and can lead to some interesting results. Sprinkle is a water physics based puzzle game built around a level unlock system we’re all too familiar with on iPhone games. For every puzzle you successfully complete you’re awarded stars, or in this case, water droplets dependent on your overall performance and completion time, these water drops accumulate towards unlocking further levels.

This type of game structure is pretty standard on the iPhone and iPad these days, it’s certainly not my favorite, but it’s a tried and tested configuration for casual puzzle games that simply works, so why mess with a good formula.

sprinkle1The game starts with a basic intro, not far from Saturn a Solar Tours shuttle passes by planet Titan sending asteroids hurtling to the ground of this seemingly peaceful place, starting fires within all the villages. You must help these little critters (whom I’ll name as Sprinkles, simply because there is nowhere in the game that gives these little guys a name) by acting as a fireman to put out the fires on this strange little planet.

The fire truck will rollout on the left side of the screen and you control the height and angle of the hose. Your water is limited so use it wisely, I’ve found tapping the button to spray the water preserves more h2o than holding it down. The water physics for a 2D game are great, spraying a high volume of water into a contained area will raise the water level and with the oncoming pressure from the hose it’ll create waves too. Some objects such as wooden blocks are moveable with your fingers but you can also use the water to manipulate objects in the world. These include aiming the water cannon to spin windmills, push rocks that will trigger switches and blast giant blocks of ice to create bridges or direct the flow of the water.

The levels start out easy and you’ll fly by the first 10, which is just under half of all the available levels, for the next 10 you’ll have to fork over 99¢ which is of course, not cool. Not cool at all when you can get Angry Birds for the same price and have over 200 levels at your disposal.

When it comes to audio in Sprinkle, don’t hold out for much, sure it’s only a casual iOS puzzler but when we have other casual titles just like Cut the Rope and House of Mice offering both great gameplay coupled with great sound effects and soundtrack you can’t help but feel Sprinkle comes up a bit short.

sprinkle2Being a universal app, you only have to make the one purchase for Sprinkle to be playable on both your iPhone and iPad, both versions play exactly the same, but I prefer the comfort of the iPhone version compared to holding the iPad.

Sprinkle brings something new with it’s water physics, but it’s comparatively small amount of levels, in-app purchases and unexciting soundtrack leaves it to fall short of being something great. You will find yourself playing the game in full, but not exactly knowing why you are when there are so many other better games available on the appstore.


Sprinkle is out now for £0.69 ($0.99). Get is on the 

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  • Jambon

    Or, you just can make a 5-drops score in each level to unlock the other chapters for free.