Spirit – Review

After playing graphic intensive games with multiple control setups it’s nice to get hold of a game that has a more simplified touch control dynamic, after all, it’s what the iPhone and iPod Touch are all about, right? … Spirit is one such game.

The easiest way to describe Spirit, certainly from a visual point of view, is if Geometry Wars and Fl0w had a love child, Spirit would be it.

You control a neon creature, who’s moves mimic your finger motions on screen. As it moves it leaves an energy trail which snakes behind it. If you circle your creature quick enough, it will catchup with the energy tail and create a rupture in space. Any object caught in the resulting void is sucked in. The object then is to circle various enemies in the game and catch them in this rupture.

screenshot01The simplest enemies roam aimlessly around the arena and are pretty easy to round up. But as you progress, more intelligent enemies appear, some swarming towards you in packs, others are bigger snake like creatures. Their primary weapon is to touch you, so while you circle them it’s important you don’t make contact or you’ll lose a life. Some enemies do have weapons though, such as the turrets which target you with laser beams. Occasionally you’ll spot a lone enemy that has captured one of your own, to free it you must circle the enemy to break the bond, succeed and you can merge with the free’d creature and gain an extra life.

The game is played much like an arcade game, so lose all you lives and it’s back to level one. The object then is to survive as many waves and swarms of enemies as you can. Every few levels or so you’ll reach a bonus stage, allowing you to gain more points. Here you must roundup the constantly appearing green energy pods, this seems easy enough, except you mustn’t catch any red ones. Do so and these will be deducted from your green total.

Spirit’s hypnotic graphical style,  fantastic soundtrack and sound effects, simple and intuitive one finger controls and addictive arcade style gameplay, will ensure it’s place on your home-screen indefinitely… you’ll want to return to it time after time to beat your score.

Spirit is a budget gem you don’t want to miss.


Spirit is out now for $0.99 (£0.59)

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    i like its simplicity.