Spigen SGP Tough Armor iPhone 5/5S review

Can you combine great protection with great style? Sure you can, but don’t forget what kind of protection you need.

c-6-300x300SGP Spigen is taking on OtterBox head on, and with the Tough Armor it is the Commuter that is in the firing line. It is always hard to be at the top, and OtterBox has become the name most recognize and associate to proper protection for their devices. Spigen SGP seems to be on a mission to change that, and with the Tough Armor they certainly give the Commuter a hard battle.

Made from two pieces the Tough Armor has some similarities to the Commuter. A thick silicone inner layer protects the iPhone 5/5S completely when it comes to impact, and scratch damage. The back, sides and some of the front are covered. A hard polycarbonate back piece completes the protection. Getting the back on perfectly is a bit of a hassle, and takes some fiddling.

Where the Tough Armor falls short is in the lack of rubber protectors for the headphone, and charging socket. The speakers at the bottom are also quite unprotected against dirt, and splashes of water. This is an area where OtterBox, and SwitchEasy have better protection to offer on some of their cases. Even the Apple iPhone 5S case is better at protecting these vulnerable spots. It redeems itself a bit by offering a special air cushion technology that disperses impact energy making it harmless to the phone. This is seen in the channels carved inside the case.

The Tough Armor wins when it comes to style, and keeping a sleek profile. The slanted edges on the back give it some of that naked iPhone 5 feel to it. As does the cold metallic polycarbonate mimicking the underlying metal of the phone. The champagne version matches the gold iPhone 5S perfectly. Sadly you can only see that at the cut-out on the back showcasing the Apple logo.

While the Tough Armor certainly looks, and feels sleeker than the OtterBox Commuter it lacks some protective features such as plugs for openings and a complimentary screen protector. If you are working in a rough dusty environment I have to recommend the OtterBox, but if you are just someone looking for great protection with style the Tough Armor is a must.