Spigen SGP Saturn iPhone 5/5S case review

The Apple of the case industry keeps bringing quality cases perfectly accentuating the iPhone 5/5S.

Spigen SGP has risen to the top as one of the most revered case design company in the world. It comes to no surprise then that their cases get copied, and fakes Spigen cases is something to avoid. The Saturn comes with a certificate of authenticity, which is something only OtterBox have had to worry about previously. Make sure you get a proper Spigen SGP with the certificate, and to be extra sure register the number on it.

So why is Spigen SGP forced to ship their cases with a certificate of authenticity? For one the quality of the cases is so good that they are the Apple of the case world. And furthermore once something rises to the top the name alone is enough to get copied. Just look at Beats By Dr Dre. I get at least one student each month coming to me with copies that have broken down.

The Saturn is a polycarbonate back cover that is quite easy to snap on, and off. The quality of the case is top notch with all lines perfectly cut. On the back the case has an aluminium plate that has the same feel, as the naked iPhone. That means you get that cold sleek feel when you use the phone.

For protection the Saturn offers full back, and side protection. The screen is slightly protected by the edge of the case extending half a millimetre. The top, and bottom are open making these areas vulnerable to scratch, and impact damage. I prefer using a screen film protector to complete the protection.

The Spigen name is found on the left side of the case, and Saturn is printed in the aluminium on the back. Other than that this is a sleek case with an elegant look.

The Spigen SGP Saturn is a high quality case perfectly showcasing the iPhone 5/5S. The cool aluminium on the back makes you forget you have a case on at all. Few cases are as well designed, and manufactured as the Saturn. A perfect companion to your Apple device.

Final Rating


Spigen SGP Saturn at $26.99

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  • Espekayen

    I have the gun metal version of the Saturn. A very nice case and not too bulky.