Spice Bandits Twitter giveaway!

This is a giveaway for 600 spice, and complete removal of ads in Spice Bandits. This IAP is worth $4.99/£2.99. Published by Chillingo this is a great tower-defense game set in space/spice. I have a total of 19 codes to give away. The codes will be sent out in batches starting with four at the time this article goes live. After that three batches of five will be sent out.

From the iTunes description:
”These scurvy space pirates are interested in just one thing…Spice.
Spice Bandits puts you in control of the invading pirate force, protect them as they mine the Earth’s resources for the precious mineral, Spice. With groundbreaking online multiplayer, drop-dead gorgeous visuals, challenging and addictive gameplay, a huge amount of upgrades and outrageous weapons, Spice Bandits is the next evolution in Tower Defense.”

To take part in the Twitter giveaway you have to do the following:

Follow  TouchGen at Twitter
Download the free Spice Bandits from iTunes on your iPad/iPhone or iPod.
Start the game.
Enter the Spicery on the main menu screen.
Double tap the FREE STUFF text in the spicery to bring up a text field.
Enter one of the codes from the giveaway, and get instant ad-free version with 600 spice in the trunk.

Good luck!


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