Spectre 3D review

Spectre 3D is one of the most intense multiplayer games I have played so far on my iPhone.  Scaled down retro graphics help to focus on what is really important: survival. Spectre 3D is a universal game that lets you play the game on either a small screen or the larger iPad screen. This is just a small aspect of the customer service provided. Almost all aspects of the game can be customized.

img_3746Spectre 3D is a remake of Spectre that was released for the Apple Macintosh back in 1991. It has resurfaced a number of times over the years, but it is not until it came to iOS it got the support it deserves. With quick accessible online access on iOS devices the multiplayer finally got a chance to live up to the potential it has had since the 90s.

Futuristic tank battles in Spectre 3D is controlled by a virtual joystick. It works really well on the iPhone with the smaller screen, but I find it to be slightly sluggish on the iPad. Buttons are used for firing, jumping and controlling the camera. Overall I found the game to be a much more fun and intense experience on the small screen.

img_3814There are three different game modes available for single player, and I see all of these as training for the multiplayer battles. Spectre Classic, Spectre VR and Spectre Arcade cover all the Spectre action you can ever stomach. Capture the Flag is the main goal, and well survive as well. When you exit the game, or it is game over you get instant updates through Game Center. There are also loads of achievements to get you going. Once you are versed in the movement, and aiming of the game you should jump into the multiplayer. Four different modes are available, but in the end availability is all down to having actual players playing them. Base Raid, Flag Rally and Arena were the only ones available when I tested the game. Once a game has been chosen it runs quickly, and it is far easier to get into a game of Spectre 3D than more tactical FPS games.

The presentation is a combination of retro goodness objects and vehicles with quite nice modern and gradient backgrounds. There is no music in the game, and the sound effects can become quite annoying after a while. Especially when running into objects or walls. You can play your own music, and keep the sound effects.

bild2Spectre 3D is a fun fast-paced retro shooter with a lot of content. The multiplayer is where it shines, and especially so on the smaller more cramped screen in my opinion. The game looks great on an iPad, but there it kind of lacks the intensity. No matter which device you play it on you have to give it all your attention to stay alive, or help your team mates online. I can recommend it to anyone into action games, and hopefully the servers can stay active filled with players. It gets really nuts with 10 or more players in the same game, and oh boy do I like it.

Final Rating


Spectre 3D $0.99 Universal iPhone/iPod and iPad
Version: 1.2.3
Seller: Brilliant Bytes Software Inc

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