Speck CandyShell Grip Galaxy S4 case review

Last lap in Real Racing 3, and you accidentally press the back button: NO!

Serious about gaming? If you have tried playing any action, or racing game on your S4 you might have encountered the same issues as me: slippery awkward device to hold, and haptic buttons that are too easy to touch by mistake. With the Speck CandyShell Grip those issues are addressed along with a great level of protection if you ever have to throw the S4 in a wall after crashing on the final lap in Real Racing 3.

Made from two materials fused into one solid case this is a quite bulky case. There are rubberized lines that add this bulk, but as those are what give the excellent grip. For protection the Grip has the back, sides and the front covered. The edge extends quite a bit around the screen giving the same amount of protection, as the OtterBox Commuter. The buttons are covered with soft rubber, and are easy to access at all times. The haptic buttons are not that easy to access by mistake, as your palm is held away by the edge of the case.

Overall this is the best solution available if you want to play games, or use the phone without risk of dropping it. The added bulk makes it harder to use with one hand, but if you do the grip is a great help. The only negative I have to say about the case is that it is quite easy to drop when taking photos, as the large edge around the screen is not that good to hold onto in those situations.

I really dig the design of the CandyShell Grip, as it looks really cool with the lines across the back. Speck has also made sure to make a large selection of colors available making it harder to choose. I can’t recommend this case enough to anyone looking for grip, and protection.

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