Soul review

I love a scary game that frighten me, shocks me and haunts my mind. It is hard to create a scary game for a small screen, and so far the attempts done haven’t really worked. The huge names such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill are usually good at both setting a mood, and shock me into submission. Killing zombies and wheelchairs hasn’t really scared me at all. Now a good damn tilt labyrinth game haunts my dreams, woot?

img_0467Soul tells a story of a man dying, and a soul in need of rest. This restless soul is you, and you have to find your way up to heaven. The path is filled with gruesome monsters, moving obstacles and strange horror Japanese girls. To control you tilt your device, and the game is really responsive. I usually avoid games controlled by accelerometer if I can, and the first version of Soul confirmed by aversion to those games by not allowing recalibration. Thankfully the developer responded within days to my plea for an upgrade. Version 1.1 gave the game recalibration, and sensitivity settings. It is now possible to play Soul while in bed or on a sofa, which is perfect for the coach potatoes among us. Holding a finger on the screen you can see the entire map.

Soul of Xbox fame is a haunting experience. It is hard as nails, and I can’t get through it even on easy. The atmosphere is dense, and I find the game interesting and that is why I keep trying to beat it. I can’t see myself beating the game on any of the harder levels of difficulty. The soul dies whenever you touch anything, and at times I would love some sort of shield for the easy difficulty. Still old school hard as nails games are quite fun as they are rewarding once you proceed.

img_0468Soul has murky hand drawn cartoon graphics with splash horror images at key moments. Great lighting effects help set the dark eerie mood. At times it is hard to see level edges, as the soul is kind of sparkling outside of its body of collision detection. The sounds filling the darkness are those of mechanical ambience, horror screams and general poop your pants antics. You can override game sounds with your own music, but why would you? It would be like watching a horror flick listening to Lady Gaga. Starting the game it starts with a flat lining heart.

Soul is a unique game for the iPhone as it is really scary. A combination of great presentation, challenging gameplay and working accelerometer controls makes it a must for anyone looking for a scare on the small screen. If I still had a Xbox 360 I would definitely get it for the large screen as well.

Final Rating


Soul $1.99
Version: 1.1
Seller: Kydos Studio

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    looks quiet interesting.