Sortee review

Can recycling, and sorting garbage really be fun? Yes.

Awareness of the fact that our world is actually a limited resource is still not something on the global agenda. There are still people in leading positions that claim global warming is a trend, or a political argument. When world leaders fail to sign new treaties for the future it is up to you, and me.

Sortee might not be a revolution, or even thought as a means to raise awareness. To me however it is easy to make the connection between the gameplay, and the needs of mother earth. In Sortee you sort garbage into different containers. The backdrop is a desert, or could it be a landfill gone bad? Storms, blackouts and flying cacti tell a story of something gone terribly wrong with our waste disposal system.

The gameplay is fast, and demands your full attention. An object appears in the centre of the screen, and you have to immediately sort it into a container. That might not sound that hard, but objects are identified by shape, content, colour or function. What is used by hand, head or foot? What is square, sharp or round? There is a timer for each object making it even more intense.

All touch based the controls are spot on. Cacti has to be blasted into smithereens by tapping a finger on each side of it to create a flash of lightning. I have never made a mistake due to the controls.

It is harder for me not having English as native tongue since the game uses words to sort the objects. Still I managed to complete the free levels without breaking a sweat. To unlock the full game you have to pay $0.99 iAP. There is also iAP to get more in game currency used to buy power-ups. These are not necessary if you manage to get your brain fully focused.

The presentation in Sortee is absolutely marvellous with seamless menu transitions by panning the game over screen. In game effects are also really well made with the cracking glass when you make mistakes sorting being my favourite. The music is also worth mentioning, as quality electronica well worth experiencing.

Sortee lacks variation, and once you get tired of sorting stuff there is nothing else to do. There are two levels of difficulty, and I can’t even fathom completing the game on fast.

The brilliant presentation paired with an easy to get into, and highly engaging game mechanic makes Sortee a fun experience for a couple of hours. Once it starts to feel repetitive the shine fades, and it might feel a bit pedestrian. Like sorting your own waste before going to the recycling plant.

Final Rating


Sortee Free + $0.99 iAP to unlock full version Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod

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