Sonic Dash review

The blue blur is back, and this time he can’t stop.

Usually games using an aspect from the original aren’t that good. At times it is only the character, and game world that have migrated to a new game. Examples of this are the half dozen PacMan games scattered across the App Store. Sega did something similar with Sonic Jump where Sonic more or less went Doodle Jump on us. When Sonic Dash emerged I guessed we were in for another instance where you only got a hint of the greatness of the original. I was wrong, and have had to reassess how a game franchise might work from now on.

Basically Sonic Dash is Sonic 3D, or any extra mode found where the perspective changes from 2D to 3D, with a kind of Temple Run control setup. What Sonic Dash does however is far more than just slapping Temple Run on Sonic. Rather it feels like a full featured Sonic game set in a new perspective, and it works really well.

Sonic Dash is an automatic 3D runner with levels that you complete set in a game world we know since decades of classic Sonic titles. Sonic runs like a hedgehog on fire, and you swipe to move him sideways. Swiping up to jump, and down to smash through obstacles and enemies are effortless adaptations of a hedgehog on speed. Larger holes in the ground have to be traversed by attacking enemies in the air: a move seen in later console titles. All the moves we are used to seeing this blue blur perform are here.

What makes Sonic Dash great is the fact that you are always in the best part of Sonic games: at full speed. There is no stumbling about, or having to backtrack to gain speed for a loop. There is no exploration to be done, but personally I find that to be strength as Sonic is in a hurry compared to Super Mario who is a lazy plumber not afraid to loiter for extra mushrooms.

The presentation is awesome rivalling anything I have seen in a Sonic game no matter what platform. Bright vibrant colours, and no slowdowns on my iPad Mini make for a great experience. All the familiar enemies, locations and sounds are here.

A dampener on the experience is the heavy inclusion of iAP to build up abilities. You can grind to get a better Sonic.

Sonic Dash is a quick automatic runner that harnesses the essence of the franchise in a great way. Perfect for both a five-minute break, and a lazy evening in the sofa.

Final Rating


Sonic Dash $1.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod

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  • kistajk

    Sonic Jump came out way before Doodle Jump, several years ago back in the age of Nokia. And Sonic Dash looks inspired by the special ring stage in Sonic 2, way before Temple Run.