Solitaire Kingdom Supreme review

Solitaire is in my mind something played by old-timers on old Windows PC:s. The Old Man in Pawn Stars is perhaps the best example of this. There have been numerous great solitaire games for iOS, and the best so far is by far Solitaire City Deluxe. Some attempts have been made to create something new of the old, but so far most have fallen flat. It isn’t until I started playing Solitaire Kingdom Supreme that it dawned on me that someone has gotten it right.

bild3SKS is a variation of the classic Klondike solitaire with a waste pile, four foundations and the ordinary piles based on kings. So far nothing really differs from the standard game. What SKS adds is the powerup model used very successfully in their previous Slingo Supreme. Before starting a game you get to choose Kingdom Cards that have different abilities. Initially you only have room for one, but as you go new slots are unlocked. The cards also cost a set number of stars each to use, and hence you have to complete goals that unlocks stars as well. For example winning streaks, number of total wins and secrets found are all goals to attain.

Depending on how you combine your Kingdom Cards the strategy used differs significantly. It is still much a game of chance, but it gets more and more in favour of the player. Initially I had a winning percentage of about ten, but with a fully decked out set of Kingdom Cards I have been able to push it upwards to 25 per cent.

There is a shift in the gameplay experience from a slow methodical game of solitaire to a quick paced arcade game of placing cards. One thing that bothered me is that the controls aren’t responsive enough when the pace picks up. Too many times I tap a card to place it in a pile from the waste pile, and then I draw a new set of cards only to notice that I missed out on actually placing the first card.

bild2The presentation in SKS is barely ok, and it lacks the polish that Slingo Supreme has. It is more about functional graphics, and the few effects are quite mellow. The music is also toned down, and you are free to use your own.

I got hooked really badly to Solitaire Kingdom Supreme, and it is easy to spend hours unlocking Kingdom Cards and stars. Once everything is unlocked, and you have enough stars to use whatever combination of cards you want the game starts to fade. From that point on it becomes a pure highscore game. It is still good old fun, but the addictive aspect is not there anymore. The hours up to that point is the most fun you can have with a solitaire game, and well worth experiencing.

Final Rating


Solitaire Kingdom Supeme $0.99
Version: 1.1.17
Seller: Funkitron Inc.

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    I’d like to know if you’re ever going to have this game for the Nook Tablet. Thanks. Didi