Solitaire City Review

I don’t know about you, but when I’m bored for a few minutes, the first app I usually open up is my free solitaire program and play a round or two of klondike or demon solitaire. This has always served me well and I have never thought about buying a Solitaire Card game.  When I picked up this game to review, a question popped up in my mind: would I ever pay for a solitaire app?

Once this game had finished downloading I fired it up, to see what it had to offer, and here are a few of the things I found:Pyramid solitaire is a new favorite of mine

First off, it has a cool opening screen of bridges and buildings (a city) built with cards. Now normally, I don’t really care about the opening screen, because they are generally no indication of the game’s actual quality. However, I did think this was a cool way to start off a card game. In a card game you don’t have much story, plot, or graphical needs, so many people won’t trouble with a nice opening screen for it.

The second thing that struck me was the number of solitaire styles available. This game has a total of fifteen distinct versions of solitaire, and for each it has variable rules. For instance, for Klondike solitaire, there are a total of twelve versions, such as deal 3 or deal 1, how many passes you get, etc.

Third, each version of solitaire has a tutorial on how to play it, and the tutorial is done interactively in-game. No rulebook to read here, it all gets taught as you play. I love this, and now know 13 more ways to play solitaire then I used to.

Fourth, This game is very smooth and pretty. I have not had any lag while playing on my 3GS at all. The animations for dealing, moving, and winning are all very smooth and sensitive.

Now comes the downside however; the price. This beautiful game comes with a pricetag of almost eight dollars! For a solitaire game, I can not see many ways to improve on this program, however at $7.99 they are pricing perfection quite high.

Presentation & Graphics

This game has the smoothest and crispest animation of any card game I’ve ever usedif you win, you're greeted with a shower of aces

There’s not much to say about a card game’s audio, unless you want me to go into detail about how it has amazing shuffling sounds, and how moving a card from one stack to another sound’s so realistic! I’m giving this game four and a half stars because they did not overdo the audio for a card game

Everything is crisp and smooth, the games all have in-game tutorials and scoring systems, and there is an online scoreboard with which to compare against other players worldwide. Pure win

With the sheer number of rules and variations of games, I will be playing this for weeks and months to come

Game Rating


Yes, my first 5 star review! This is the best card game I have ever used. I have literally no complaints about it, and would recommend it to all my friends. There is no better Solitaire game out there to this day. I have to force myself to put this down to get to my other games that need reviewing, because I keep going back to my first love of solitaire, done so well in this game. I have found that the answer to my earlier question regarding paying for card games to be a resounding YES.


This second rating is for the game after the price. I find that paying almost eight dollars for a card game to be a bit high, and for that I would take two stars off. It’s an amazing game, however it is priced very high.

Solitaire City – $7.99

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  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    It is one of the real must haves for the iPhone. It should be included in the OS from the start, that is how good it is.

  • Signatus

    Ok, I get it. It’s an amazing card game. As you, I like to fire up a card game once in a while. But at 7.99, isn’t it too expensive for a card game, no matter how many modes you have in it? Considering the less expensive offerings in the App Store?

  • Justin Grubbs

    it is expensive, and yes there are less expensive alternatives. This is an example of you getting what you pay for. sure the cheaper ones are fine, but this is the best one out there, and as such they have put a high price tag on it. perhaps it is a bit high, but it is the best out there. shouldn’t it be a bit more expensive then the second rate versions?

  • Matt

    I’m happy it’s “expensive”. The only way to get better games on the App Store is if people start paying more for games, allowing developers to put more money into making them.

    I personally hope that eventually we’ll have $20-$30 games on the App store that will feature all the content of current DS/PSP games, and more.

  • Signatus

    Matt, you really believe a higher price tag will improve quality? I’m not doubting, I’m just concerned developers will start milking their games if the average starts increasing, not really meaning we’ll get an improvement in games.

    Justin, for me the thing is, it’s just a cards game. Nothing groundbreaking, just a great mix of card games. I know you pointed out the price, but I just thought it would have an impact in your rating.

    Maybe I’m just too used to pay 2 bucks for games..? :)

  • Justin Grubbs

    I was initially going to give it two ratings, one before and one after the price. I’ll put that second review back on, because I agreed when I first started reviewing the game, it was very high for a card game. However at the same time, I worried that I was too set in the ways of .99 for a game, and I partially do agree with Matt. If developers are compensated higher they may want to put more effort into their games. It’s a risk, as some may indeed try to milk their crap games for cash, but that’s what review sites are for, right?

  • Signatus

    Review sites and lite versions :)

    I would rather reward a developer for originality and/or technical excellence. That’s my beef with this price tag, 7.99 for rehashing card games. But I guess you’ll only pay for it if you want, right?

    Anyway, I guess this discussion would need an article of its own and here we are cluttering your review comments area :)

  • Justin Grubbs

    there is a lite version for this game, as with many others that lets you see a fraction of what it has to offer. It’s a side note, but just so you know :-)


    i agree with the score you gave it.