Soccer Puzzle League review

Goal scored by another brilliant match move by the striker!

Soccer, the most beautiful game in the world according to quite a few people. No wonder that it shows up as the foundation, and inspiration for games both realistic and filled with zombies. Soccer Puzzle League sets out to do the game justice while applying a completely different core game mechanic. A bold move that is somewhat bogged down by having too much of what makes soccer sad.

Stats, transfers and keeping track of training are elements that I rather keep solely in the manager games. Here it is half of the game, and there is a heavy-handed use of iAP needed to create a good enough team to stand behind fully. Actually I am still slightly confused because there are simply too many things to keep track off that all deter from the quite good match three gameplay.

A match is played in 60 turns with half-time at 30. You match goals to lower the defence of the opponent, and when at zero you score. Matching gloves enhance your own defence. Matched money goes in your team chest, and matching strikers gives the team experience. When a ball struck from the opponent shows up you have to make sure to remove it before it´s counter reaches zero, as that means that the opponent score. This gameplay is more or less the same that can be found in WarGames, and Dungeon Raid. Highly enjoyable formula in those games, and quite so in Soccer Puzzle League as well. What limits the appeal slightly is the turn limit, and half-time interruption with yet more menus to look through.

Soccer Puzzle League has quite all right presentation, albeit I have had some slowdowns when menus slowly move onto the screen. The music is not that special, but doesn’t annoy either.

The area the game truly excels in is the volume of content available. For those who really get into the game, and invest both time and money will have weeks of matching fun to enjoy. Divisions to conquer and challenges to master also mean that this is perhaps a more hardcore experience than other line matching games.

If you are a soccer fan, and also enjoy match three games you have certainly found a game to sink your teeth into. Be prepared to invest some more money to get all the cool shoes, shorts and whatnots that enhance the performance of your team.

Final Rating


Soccer Puzzle League $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod

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