Snow Moto Racing review

I asked for a snowmobile racer from Resolution Interactive AB in my review of their excellent Dirt Moto Racing. Resolution Interactive AB specializes in racing games and Snow Moto Racing is their third game in the Moto Racing series. The timing of the game is perfect for me who has loads of snow outside and no snowmobile in the yard.

Basically Snow Moto Racing is a mini version of Dirt Moto Racing with a bare minimum of content, wonky snowmobile physics and a general rushed feel. Getting a game out the correct season is key for any sales, but it also means that some aspects might be hurried. There are only six tracks to race in single player, and the game can more or less be completed within 20 minutes. Sure the 14 achievements will take longer than that, and there is nice multiplayer mode for up to four players over Bluetooth.

I have spent most of my holidays in the northern parts of Sweden growing up, and spent quite a lot of hours racing around on a snowmobile. It is really fun, quick and absolutely insane when attacking the big jumps. To me Snow Moto Racing fails to capture the feeling, and physics of the snowmobile. In Snow Moto Racing the snowmobiles behave more like go-carts, with quick turns and flat connection to the ground. A snowmobile on snow digs down depending on the riders weight distribution.It is a bit disappointing to get cart racing on snow instead of snow mobile racing.
img_5007Graphics and animations are great almost on par with the excellent Dirt Moto Racing. Trees wiz past, and there is a great sense of speed when the throttle is twisted to the max. Actually the game auto accelerates for you, and you control the movement using responsive tilt controls. Taking hard corners forces me to tilt so much that it really feels like I am driving a cart. There is also an invisible trick button that gives you the ability to perform tricks in the air. Successful tricking gives you a speed boost. This is seldom needed though as the AI is of the rubber band kind that waits around when you are going slowly, and race like bats out of hell when you are doing well. I generally hate this kind of AI, but in Snow Moto Racing I didn’t really get time to become annoyed as there is no mode where it really matters if I place first or third.
The music is good with some rocking tunes, and the engine sounds feel realistic. You can play your own music together with the sound effects.
It is hard to rate a game like Snow Moto Racing as it comes equipped with a lack of content, questionable AI behavior and snowmobiles with cart characteristics. On the other hand it has got great production values, and is meant to be a $0.99 game from start to end. You definitely get a buck worth of content, but don’t expect to play this for more than an hour or two. A free play mode with a bit of exploration, and deep snow physics would take this game to another level. I hold my thumbs for an update or a Snow Moto Racing 2 next time winter comes around. Snow Moto Racing is not a bad game, but rather it had potential for so much more.

Final Rating


Snow Moto Racing $0.99
Version: 1.01
Seller: Resolution Interactive AB
Snow Moto Racing Lite

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