Sniper Strike review

“I said, shoot to thrill, play to kill
I got my gun at the ready, gonna fire at will
‘Cause I shoot to thrill, and I’m ready to kill”
(Young, Young, Johnson)

Yes you can shoot to thrill, and play to kill but sadly Sniper Strike isn’t the place to do it. It is a sniper game where you control the aim by dragging across the screen. Touching the fire button fires you rifle. The controls works quite well but there is one major game breaking flaw found once you press the fire button. The hit recognition is really off. A headshot at one occasion might be a complete miss the next. Even though I aim exactly the same way, and I am generally a wizard at sniping people in games after loads of hours of Counter Strike and Halo. Hitting the targets in the legs don’t do any damage at all, which I find really strange. If you shoot a target the surrounding people just keep walking. Sniper Strike doesn’t have any AI at all as all targets just walk their routes back and forth.

img_5016Graphics are ok with easy to distinguish targets, and nice looking buildings. The target animation is really lacking, and I don’t like sniping stupid people. What is the point of sniping if you don’t induce panic and fear? Not even screaming among the survivors, all you hear when you shoot someone is a grunt of pain that to me sounds more annoyed than anguished. The weapon sounds are good with a nice clang as the cartridge is ejected from the rifle. Music is simple electronic ambient that fades out your own music.

There are three game mode: Arcade that lets you go for a specific target, Protect the flag that lets you snipe everyone on the map focusing on protecting your flag and finally the Massacre mode that is all about killing them all. All three modes are timed, and once a level is cleared you get to a harder level of the same all over again. In between levels, and by touching the weapon on screen you can upgrade, and buy new weapons. I bought a scope that made the game harder for me, and messed up the controls somewhat. A more powerful rifle is preferred. There are two levels to play the three modes on; village and city.

img_9021Achievements and online leaderboards are integrated by means of OpenFeint. You can get a lot of gamelife out of Sniper Strike if you can get past the slightly off hit detection, and lack of target AI. Try the lite version if you are interested in sniping some robotic targets that are more stupid than cattle that at least run when shot at.

Final Rating


Sniper Strike $1.99
Version: 1.1
Seller: Donoma Games
Sniper Strike Lite

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    Lol, I didn’t really expect that to get any better than that.