Snip! review

Ok, I have to admit that my first thought when seeing the title Snip! was that it would be a game about balls. Thankfully Snip! isn’t the castration simulator that I had in mind. In Snip! you have to guide an intergalactic cat into a basket. It is a new twist on the physics game formula, and instead of removing set blocks and pieces you make your own cuts. This gives you a couple of things to think about such as: which way does the cat need to go and how should I cut to make a functioning path?

img_0181The controls in Snip! is all touch based, and easy to get into. Simply tap anywhere on the screen to start the cut. A line will show where the cut will be made, and you can adjust it until you let go. Once the cut is made physics starts working, and hopefully you manage to get the cat moving. You can make more cuts, but as every level have a par number of cuts to beat it is good to be conservative. You can pan around larger levels using two fingers at the same time. Zooming in and out is done with the pinch in/out gesture. The controls got a much needed update that made them tighter, and less prone to mix up.
The graphics in Snip! is really simple, and I think it lacks polish. The palette is bright, sparkly and colourful. Most objects are Snip!able, and the cut surfaces are actually cleaner than the uncut ones. The cat has got some fun little animations as it tumbles according to the laws of gravity.

The music in Snip! is strong jazz grooves that can get most legs moving. You can play your own music, but please don’t.

img_0179There are only 20 levels available, and of those only about 5 are really challenging. You can easily complete the game within 45 minutes without breaking a sweat. Local high scores, and Facebook integration are not enough to make Snip! interesting to replay. I hope achievements, and online functionality will be implemented in later updates. Still you definitely get your $0.99 worth of fun Snip!ing.

Final Rating


Snip! $0.99
Version: 1.1
Seller: Ulf Schwekendiek

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  • Tim

    Dude, you are a seriously disturbed man. The first thing I thought of when I saw the title was getting a haircut. I didn’t think about castration until a split second after that.

    The game sounds fun. I like physics puzzlers. The music sounds like it would be a nice accompaniment too.