Sneezies Review

Review by Pat Dunn

Sneezies is a cute little game which incorporates nice graphics, fun sounds, and cute animations.  But is all this enough to keep you playing the repetitious and sometimes frustrating 30 levels?  Read on to find out…


Level 26/30 I was stuck on this one forever! Required to save 79 out of 85

The basic concept and point of “Sneezies” is to rescue as many Sneezies from their ever floating bubbles as you can.  To do this, you need to release a puff of “sneezing dust” which in turn causes a massive chain reaction of sneezing between the Sneezies.

You start out on a simple level with few Sneezies and and a low goal.  As the game goes on, more and more Sneezies appear and you are required to rescue more and more Sneezies.  The reason this game gets increasingly difficult and even frustrating is that you are only allowed to use one puff of “sneezing powder” per level before the wind takes away the remaining Sneezies.

In Challange mode, you are given a goal and a set amount of “puffs.”  You gain additional puffs for every level you clear 75% or more Sneezies. You continue to rescue as many Sneezies as you can until you have used all of you “puffs.”  High scores can be posted and viewed via an online leader board.  Also, both Classic and Challenge mode feature a separate save system which allows you to play Challenge mode without having to worry about losing your Classic game.

Challenge mode. Get to the goal (top right) before running out of puffs (top left)

Overall, the graphics for this game are clean and cute, but then again, there isn’t a whole lot to animate.  With a still image as the background, the producers were able to spend more time and effort animating the game itself which makes this game look better than most.  The games visuals are cute and colorful.  When a Sneezie sneezes, it releases multi colored sneezes which start to look kind of like fireworks.  Also the colorful backgrounds and colorful Sneezies make for some nice visuals.

The only negative thing about this game is that it is very repetitive and doesn’t really have potential of downloadable content.  After beating the 30 levels and messing around in Challenge mode, you simply don’t want more levels.  Popping bubbles and saving Sneezies can only go on for so long.  Also, a lot of this games success is based on luck.  The bubbles move randomly and it is difficult to judge where to place you single puff of “sneezing powder”


Presentation & Graphics

The game looks good.  But like I said, with not a whole lot to animate, it can’t be to hard to make the game look nice.


All of the sounds are cute and fun to annoy family with.  Also, the music changes every like 5 levels which is a nice touch.  However, it is easy to tell that the music is simply a small clip repeated over and over and over….


Very simple and easy gameplay.  Unfortunately, most of the gameplay is actually depicted by how lucky the player is.  If you’re good at this, maybe you should play poker.

Game life:

Sadly, no matter how cute and funny this game can be, it will not increase the game life.  With nearly no room for advancement, except for possibly multiplayer, this game is fun for a few days, but not for much longer.

Game rating:

Final word:
Personally I think this game is very cute and fun and is definitely worth $0.99 but it lacks the ability to keep you coming back to replay the game.  Also, I am hoping that a multiplayer mode will be added soon.  Hopefully with head to head bubble popping, Sneezie sneezing action!  Even a timed mode, allowing you to rescue as many Sneezies as possible in a minute would be neat.  Without either of these features, Sneezies remains an average game  Overall, Sneezies is worth $0.99 simply for the fun, the laughs, and the cute little sound of a Sneezie sneezing…

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  • iPGN-Dave

    PAT’S in the HOUSE!

  • Pat Dunn

    Yeah son. To bad the only comments are from two of the editors…one from the editor of the article. =)
    i guess no one bought Sneezies eh?

  • Scott

    I am on level 45 so I don’t know where you got the 30 level thing.. Fun game if you play a few levels every week