Snappy Dragons 2 review

If you have a red hat, beware, or you will burn.

Snappy Dragons 2 is obviously a sequel, but as I missed the first one this was a new experience for me. Any game featuring an animal that sends any kind of object flying from left to right fall into the Angry Birds clone genre. In the case of Snappy Dragons 2 this is partly true. Yes, you fire from the left, and you try to kill something. There the similarities to Angry Birds end, and there are other games that I can see inspiration from. Worms, Scorched Earth and iShoot are games that come to mind when it comes to blowing away the levels to reach the evil wizards. There are however some unique features such as having to save baby dragons by blasting their cages open, but then not firing at them again because that kills them.

Our dragon heroes are not only mean fire spawning monsters, but also caring parents. There are five of them, but you don’t get to choose your dragon for most of the levels. In later levels you get a couple, and then you can choose which to fire with first by simply pulling the trajectory from them. This gives the game more opportunities for strategy later on, and enhances the gameplay quite a bit.

The evil wizards have captured the baby dragons, and each level is about killing all the wizards. Failure to kill them all means that you fail the level. Bonus is awarded if you manage to free your cubs without hurting them. With easy to grasp controls the game is more about pondering about where to shoot than executing the shots. As the game progresses new obstacles are presented such as moving platforms, guide arrows and portals. There are also different dragons with different abilities such as freezing the enemies, and dragging them into a vortex.

With more than 90 levels, and a lot of timed bonus levels there is a lot to do in Snappy Dragons 2. Combined with the introduction of new obstacles, dragons and ways to solve the levels this is a game where gameplay is the strong suite.

Where Snappy Dragons 2 suffers however is in the presentation department. The graphics feel too simple, and at times kind of old. The fireballs would have been ok three years ago, but now they look dated. The backgrounds also look a bit too simple once the game is in motion. The wizards only have two animations, and overall feel a bit underdeveloped as evil characters. One-liners, or something could have saved them, but now they are mute archenemies. Finally the music bores me quite quickly, and this is a game that would have better with something memorable.

Snappy Dragons 2 is quite fun, and easy to get into and play. The lack of polish, and memorable presentation makes it kind of feel a bit washed out. Given that it is a sequel I expected more than this. The good thing is that you do get hours of fun gameplay at a buck.

Final Rating


Snappy Dragons 2 $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0
Seller: Extensive Studios

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