Snake Galaxy Review

Every night in a sleepy little town just outside of Chicago residents claim that the earth opens up, and a massive translucent image of Bill Cosby adorned with thousands of living Christmas trees ascends from the ground.

Someone has reincarnated the classic cell phone game, “Snake”, and by all indications this version is not only enjoyable but manages to feel fresh.

Had I been presented with these two stories not three days ago, I would have had to give some serious thought into which I should believe over the other. Even now, I feel as if I have born witness to some strange, alien event. But you must believe me when I say, Snake has been given new life, it is on the iphone, and it is completely worth buying.


Snake Galaxy is a three dimensional version of the classic Snake game, that has players slithering around beautifully rendered planets. Those who enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy’s art style will find themselves salivating at the sight of this game in motion. As the snake you must collect as many gems as possible, making sure not to run into obstacles (including yourself!). Doing so is pleasant because Snake Galaxy takes advantage of the iPhone’s controls, the game feels natural and your movement is as accurate as it needs to be.

One must imagine the quandary of trying to explain all of the redeemable qualities of what ultimately is a snake clone. While the game now includes a whole other dimension, it is essentially the same game everyone played on what are now ancient cell phones. Perhaps it is because Snake Galaxy’s oft-cloned ancestor has been put on so many devices in so many forms that many people have grown weary of playing snake. Despite the odds being stacked against it, Snake Galaxy’s transition to 3D, combined with the wonderful presentation just make this version of the classic game worthwhile.   

04_graphikSnake Galaxy can be tough, at times even a little unfair. The most aggravating part of the game is that one cannot simply see to the other side of the planet to find out where the gems lie, this is the cause of many a lost multiplier. One must rely on audio clues to home in on a gem that is not currently visible. Additionally, trying to plan out your path so that you do not end up making a mess of things can be tedious due to the fact that you cannot see you entire snake as the game progresses.

The game looks wonderful, but there are some graphical nitpicks to be had. At times the framerate will drop, especially when the music controls are brought up mid-game. Real time shadows would add so much to the visual appeal of the game, especially if there was a light source that either remained still relative to the planet or simply followed the character. This request may be too much to ask, because I am not familiar with working within the limits of the iphone and this game does look like it is already pushing the device.

The price of Snake Galaxy has recently fallen to $0.99, and if one knew what was good for him he would take this version of snake for a spin. I still can’t believe I am so pleased with a snake game.


Presentation and Graphics
Snake Galaxy is simply a beauty to behold. The menus are also commendable.


Many may dislike that the only way to make a wise decision with respect to the direction one takes is by using audio clues. At times the game tries to play too many sounds and it ends up sounding very jumbled. Pulling up music controls in game can cripple the frame rate.


Even more fun than the original snake, this game can be challenging but it never feels as if the controls or interface are to blame.


Once you finish a planet you are mostly finished, and you can feasibly blow through all the planets in a single sitting. The developer has yet to add online leaderboards, and while they claim that they are coming it is not fair to other games if I grade this based on potential functionality. I can say that it is a blast while it lasts.


Final Score

Snake Galaxy is entirely worth the asking price. 

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  • Jay

    hmm reminds me of that TD games coming soon

  • Kamblad

    Have you tried Silkworm also costing a buck? Same snake around a globe concept.

    Lite version used to be available.
    If you have tried it how would you compare it to Snake Galaxy? I wonder because I didn´t like Silkworm, due to loose controls and the same problem you mention for Snake Galaxy, being unable to see the entire snake.

    Good review!

  • Nathan

    Kamblad, one difference between the two (nevermind the huge graphical gap) is that snake galaxy is controlled with touch and the controls are very tight.

  • Rock $ Rolla

    It sounds like Zen Bound


    i’m pretty sure its nothing like Zen Bound! dude have u played the game??

  • Torbjorn Kamblad