Smash Cops review

Some times the good guys have got to behave badly.

In the world of Smash Cops the following patrol car radio traffic would not be out of place:
- 10-28, black sedan Michigan plates, please identify.”
- 10-23, awaiting further instructions.”
- 11-25, black sedan crashed into a bus stop.
- 595, following black sedan in high speed pursuit.
- 11-80, smashed the crap out of the black sedan. Felon probably dead, chalk that one up to Smash Cops.

sc1In Smash Cops your job is to stop criminal suspects using your vehicle as a battering ram. Tailgating, and then finding a good spot to smash the felon into submission is the name of the game. There are also racing levels where you have to complete courses without hitting cones, or pick up objects within the allotted time. A few levels also have you racing to the location of a crime chased by criminals trying to smash your car instead. Overall the levels are varied in objectives, and that keeps the game fresh even though you only travel in your car.

There are two control methods available: touch, and keypad. The touch is the default method, and I had a really hard time getting my car under control. You place a finger behind the car to accelerate, and slide it left to right control steering. To ram a vehicle you must place another finger on the other side of the enemy to make a line. This was frustratingly difficult using the touch control method. I admire the attempt to create a fresh new way of controlling a car, but it didn’t work out well for me. The second method using a virtual keypad in either the left or right corner is old school, and works really well. My driving improved significantly, and it was suddenly much easier to perform the great ramming moves.

sc2Unlocking new levels, and cars is really fun in Smash Cops. You get graded in stars for each level depending on speed; damage to yourself – or lack of – and how many enemies you smash. It is really easy to get caught up in the whole “I must get five stars, and if I try one more time I will certainly get them”. New speedier police cars affect the game significantly as well. You also unlock powerups allowing you to use a supercar for a level. These are also available as IAP, and I really hope that the game doesn’t force anyone into buying them. With perseverance, and going back to replay earlier levels the game can be beaten without any IAP.

The graphics are truly impressive with detailed cars, towns and cool effects. Really impressive from a developer that I haven’t sampled before. At times it feels like a more accessible polished version of Grand Theft Auto. I would love to see this game expanded into a free roaming police racer or something. Graphically it is up there with Drawrace 2 in quality, and that is no small feat.

sc3The graphics might shine, but the music is subpar and vanes in comparison. It tries to match the action of the game, but fails and feels off. The sound effects are good though, with proper crushing sounds, and the annoying sound of sirens.

Smash Cops is a cool action racer based around stopping fugitives by ramming them. It takes skill to master, and it is a real joy unlocking new cars and levels. The game could do with better music, or at least the option to use your own playlist. However, the excellent graphics, innovative controls and intense action still makes it an easy recommendation in my book.

Final Rating


Smash Cops is out on Thursday 19th, January for $2.99. Get it here.

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  • Nigel Wood, UK

    This is a nice little game, it’s like the love child of Chase HQ and Burnout. I actually prefer the standard controls, feels quite intuitive to me.

  • GHz Charles

    An action racer that looks good on iOS? Sold! Nice review.