Smack Me Quick Review

Smack me is one of those games where there just isn’t too much to write about.

It’s gameplay can be summed up pretty quickly. Simply follow the instructions as they appear on the screen. These include tapping (smack me), shaking, pinching, lifting, and freezing (do nothing).  As Dave said it’s like Bop it for the iPhone. 

There have been many reaction games for the iPhone, but Smack Me stands head and shoulders above the competition. Besides the fun robot graphics, the game has an excellent reto-robot soundtrack. Smack Me also has a 2 player mode which allows you to pass and play with a friend. 

The only complaint I have about this game is that the lift me command takes a little getting used to. It has to be lifted in a certain way, and until you get this down it can be a bit frustrating. Once you figure out what the game is looking for this no longer becomes a hurdle. 

Game Rating:
There are a lot of reflex tiltes for the iPhone, but this one clearly stands out. It’s currently one of my top ten iPhone games. It’s fun and cheap, so go pick it up.

Smack Me (On Sale $.99) -Buy Me!

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  • Scott

    lol I have you to blame for this purchase Nacho I heard you playing this on your podcast one time and thought it sounded cool

    I then tried the lite version wasnt gonna buy the full game figuring it wasnt much more but it dropped to a buck so I picked it up…

    I love the sounds, its like one of those games you like to show off and have a laugh or two.