Slyder Adventures Quick Review

Slyder is basically Rock n Roll, minus the love and slick control, plus some additional level features. There’s not a lot more to say. There are few extra level features like teleporters and conveyor belts, but it just doesn’t quite have the charm of the game it’s cloning. The tilt controls don’t work quite like Rock n Roll, which ends up making the game a bit tedious. However, there’s enough good in Slyder to make up for the bad, and as it turns out, the game is pretty even with Rock n Roll overall.

Presentation & Graphics

Descent sprite-based graphics, but not as good as Rock n Roll. Animation isn’t all that great. Backgrounds are pretty good.



Audio is very good. Much better music than Rock n Roll, and good sound effects too.


Without the same ability to the tilt the level that Rock n Roll had, the gameplay can become rather tedious. It’s not horrible though, but it seems a bit excessive to require both touch and tilt to control at all times. No map! WTF.


80 levels. That’s a ton.

Game Rating

It turns out that Slyder Adventures actually improves on quite a bit in comparison to Rock n Roll. Unfortunately, the controls and lack of charm make the game a bit dryer than the game it cloned. Still, it’s certainly a good game, and provides for quite a bit of content to keep you entertained for a while.

Slyder Adventures ($2.99)

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