Slot Japan! quick review

Don’t read this review, it is depressing at best. Slot Japan! is not a game, it really isn’t. It is a slot machine simulator of a Pachi-slot machine. You push a button to stop the reels, and hopefully you win. You don’t choose anything, I know that on several slot machines you can choose to hold a reel or two. In Slot Japan! there is no strategy at all. You can even set it to run on automatic. I don’t get any excitement out of it. Letting it play itself is as boring as watching paint dry. At times the machine flashes, and some small frogs dance. When you let it autoplay the screen dims/blackens after a while if you have the normal power saving setting on. Having to poke an autoplaying slot machine is just weird. Changing settings is something I won’t do, it is a phone I am playing on and I want it to conserve power when possible.

I don’t know if this is supposed to have good graphics or not as I haven’t seen the machine it simulates. It looks like something out of real life, and sounds like it too. The blips and blops aren’t too inspiring to listen to tough.

img_0033A virtual slot machine game without anything to actually win is a waste of time and effort. I can’t recommend this to anyone at all. Perhaps it should be categorized as entertainment instead of game as you don’t really interact with it. But it isn’t entertaining either, other than perhaps gloating at the bad translation within. The instructions are confused, and seems to try to infuse the game with gaming elements it doesn’t have.

Game Rating


I hope the $3.99 price tag scares people from this non-game. As a free tech-demo some might like the realistic graphics. I have rated Slot Japan! out of a game point of view, it might fare better rated as something else.

Slot Japan! $3.99

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    Who would play slots for $3.99


    half star! thats a joke. why would the developer ask for 3.99 for this?!