Slingo Supreme review

Slingo, listen to the word, taste it. It is a really enjoyable word, and the word is a perfect description for the game. Add some supreme, and you get an updated game with powerups and flashing items. Slingo Supreme is a casual game with addictive gameplay that can get just as close to crack as Peggle.

In Slingo you have to combine slots with a bingo board. It can be quite fun playing the classic Slingo, but the main draw is the Slingo Supreme mode. In this you get to choose powerups, and the chance of some wicked scores is much better. Depending on how much you have played the game you get more unlocked powerups, power up positions and stars to use the powerups. There are the reel nudge allowing the reels to nudge if you don’t get any matches. Slingo vision lets you see matches quickly, and there are also massive multipliers to get the huge scores. Scoring a slingo is done by clearing a row of numbers in any direction. Clearing the entire board ends the game, as does running out of spins. You have 20 spins unless you get some extra spins as a power up. The final spins cost a set percentage, and it is here you have to make the real strategic decisions. Buy an extra spin for 10% of revenue to have a chance to clear the board or the golden pattern?

img_0969The game can be played totally casually, or a bit more frantic. If you make quick matches you get a bonus, and fast matches is one of the things that unlocks powerups. Beyond pressing spin, and making matches there are the devil coming into play. The devil can either steal or provide money. You choose to bet all, half or a quarter of your earnings. Most of the devil games are chance such as draw a card or rock, paper, scissors. Those I find rather boring as I can’t really affect the outcome. Finding the cherub under one of three cups is better, and quite easy to double your money on. On the 3G the game plays somewhat slower making it a walk in the park finding the cherub. The devil minigames are sort of interrupting the flow of the game, but on the other hand it is the best way to get the huge scores if you manage to win them.

The visuals of Slingo Supreme are nice and crisp with cool sparkly effects. On the 3G there are some slowdowns, but nothing game breaking. The menus also look good, and it is easy to get drawn into the happy mood of the game. Sound effects are limited, but work ok. I like the little arrogant devil laughter when the devil shows up. The music is quite grating, and feels like carnival music tuned to children’s instruments. Thankfully the game allows you to play your own music, while keeping the sound effects.

img_0970Finally I have a large problem with the game. I started playing on an iPhone 3G, and migrated the game to an iPhone 4 successfully. After a day the save game disappeared from my iPhone 4. Having spent hours trying to beat my wife’s score from her iPhone 3GS I got really upset. She has not had any trouble with her save games yet, but to me the game won’t be played again. On iTunes there are several accounts of deleted save games, and to me it makes it hard to recommend the game unconditionally. Hopefully the game will be updated soon to remedy the situation.

Slingo Supreme is a fun and bright casual game perfect for a quick break or the long boring movie you have to sit through. There are a great deal of luck required for the higher scores, but as you are awarded by unlocking things by just playing it gets really hard to put down. A bug resetting save games along with atrocious music draw the final rating down. Some kind of online functionality for high scores is sorely missing, as is the chance to challenge someone to a quick game of slingo. There is a lot of potential here, and I hope that the developer sticks with it to improve the game.

Final Rating


Slingo Supreme $2.99
Version: 1.0.36
Seller: Funkitron, Inc.
Tested on iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4.

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