Slime Army review

Monsters versus slime in an epic struggle for domination sets the scene for Slime Army. The evil monsters have taken the slime people as slaves, and you have to command your slime troops in the struggle for freedom.

Slime Party is a match 3 game with a twist. The twist is that the matches you make translate into soldier slimes marching towards the enemy headquarter. The enemy keep attacking as well trying to destroy your own headquarter. This gives the game a sense of urgency. Sadly there are two major flaws hindering what could have been a really good game. The slimes are too similar in colour making it really hard to match quickly. I am not colour-blind, and neither are my friends who I have passed Slime Army to. All had the same trouble with the blue/light blue/light purple and yellow/orange. It takes too much energy telling those apart to enjoy the game, and to see the animated battles beneath the match 3 field. And forget trying to make chains of matches, it is impossible to see those when it is already hard to just make a single match 3.

img_7025The second major flaw concerns the controls. You swipe the slime you want to move into a new position. This is not precise at all, and many times the slimes move in the wrong direction. A small animation follows where the slimes roll their eyes at you. As there is a sense of urgency it is really annoying getting all these error inputs.

Slime Army does some things right though as it lets you upgrade your troops with crystals you get from matching like a ninja. Weapons, attributes and special abilities can be upgraded. When matching you can see some of the slime having shields, swords or other weapons. If you match a slime with a sword it will create a sword wielding slime on the battle field. This is a neat idea, and makes the game more strategic.

As it is hard to tell slime apart by colour it is good that the game gives you a hint about possible matches after a couple of seconds. When there are no more matches to be found a completely new randomised set of slime appear.

Presentation and graphics


img_7029Presentation is good, and polished in all areas except the actual game play area. I love the cute battles going on between cute smiling slime warrior, and huge snarling monsters. The story being told in still frames is as basic as it gets but still the slimes are cute, and it looks good. The similar colours in the actual game are a real drawback limiting the game.



Ok sound effects, and music. The music is nothing special but nothing really annoying either. The game fades out your own music but you can play your own using the double home button trick.

Game play


Poor precision in the controls harms the game play to a great degree. If there was better difference between the slime there could have been more strategy to Slime Army, now I seldom look for better matches once I found one.

Game life


img_703536 missions with 6 bosses make for a lengthy game. I won’t play it that long; once the review is over I will delete it from my iPhone until an update comes out. There is a survival mode as well letting you torture your synapses to hearts desire. There are 10 trophies to achieve.

Final rating


Slime Army is a match 3 with some fresh ideas but sadly the core game play is almost broken. With some updates it might be playable but at the moment it just hurts my brain trying to tell stuff apart.

Slime Army $2.99

Reviewed version: 1.00

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