Slide Circus review

Sliding everything into place.

I woke up this morning feeling slightly lopsided, and that my world had slid in an awkward position. With just a couple of motions I managed to make it right. I laced my new shoes, put on my jacket and took some steps outside the door. Correcting the mailbox on my way out, and finding a letter that I had to unscramble to read the sender details for.

In the driver seat of my car I slid the ignition lock in place to be able to turn the key. Moments later the windshield started misbehaving, and I had a hard time trying to get it lined up properly. Glass is hard to adjust, as it looks the same and I had to use the background as guidance.

My world has changed considerably after playing too much Slide Circus. I had the same thing happening playing around with the Rubik’s Cube years ago. Patterns start emerging in nature to mimic the game.

Slide Circus is a simple game at heart, and simplicity is often the key to genius. An image gets scrambled, and the task is to put it back together. You can slide vertically, and horizontally and the whole row moves as one. The game is not restricted to borders, and if something moves out the left side it emerges at the right side of the screen. This takes it from being a slide puzzle with tiles to something more akin a flattened Rubik’s Cube.

There are quite a few levels in the game ranging from simple objects to quite intricate designs. You are scored on the amount of moves made, and there is always a target to beat. Playing these levels get really addictive, and it is so easy to just play one more.

There are two unlockable modes: create and share, and a tile painting mode. Being able to take any photo from your camera roll is brilliant. The game randomizes it, and you can use filters and colours to further enhance the difficulty. Sending a puzzle with a photo of the kids to gran is a marvellous idea. That is if gran has an iOS device.

There is IAP in the game, but quite frankly I don’t see when it is supposed to be used. Slide Circus is a simple game without that competitive edge needed to get someone to spend their cash.

With excellent old school circus presentation, brilliantly simple gameplay and a cool share functionality Slide Circus is a perfect casual game.

Final Rating


Slide Circus $0.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: FDG Mobile Games

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