Sky Burger Review

Sky Burger is a terrible game to play on an empty stomach. It is a game about making large hamburgers, and those of us that are partial to these meat-filled monstrosities will end up putting this game down to satisfy the inevitable cravings it creates.

Tilt the iPhone to move the growing burger back and forth in order to stack the falling ingredients, only collecting the ingredients that have been specified in the order. This is Sky Burger in a nutshell, and the game really is as simple as it sounds. Inevitably it is the games that can be described so easily which tend to often have an instant allure. Disappointingly, Sky Burger does not delve much deeper than this basic idea, but the game is enjoyable despite its limited scope. falling

The setting for Sky Burger makes absolutely no sense. Well, I understand the “Sky” burgers being placed against a backdrop of “Sky” scrapers, I just hate to dignify the bad pun. However, one is after all accruing ingredients to amass what seems to be a twenty-story hamburger so the degree of frivolity is appropriate. The game pops off the screen with colorful visuals, and the music is cheery. Don’t worry the game lets you listen to your own music (I personally enjoy stacking burgers to the sounds of the Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra).

Sky Burger will record your scores and send them to “headquarters”, this is both a means of recording your pseudo-campaign like progress through the game and also to the online statistics boards. Interestingly enough, the game lets you both have multiple save games, and additionally it automatically backs up your save games online. Having more than one save slot is a necessity because the game will automatically record your triumphs and tragedies alike.

The extra save game takes the angst out of handing the game to a friend or a family member, and simply creating a profile for guests to play is a breeze. Now someone else can play without the concerned gamer tearing their hair out over worry for their cumulative score. Speaking of family, this is one of those games that is really easy for others to just grab and play for a couple of minutes. The game has both tilt and touch controls, but the tilt control feels a bit more satisfying. After passing the game around at the dinner table (oddly enough I ordered a hamburger…) every person that gave the game a whirl had a smile on their face and was eager to let the next person at the table have a try. Looking over someone’s shoulder and throwing out banter to mess them up, trying not to grab the wrong ingredient because the person yelling at you has caused you to laugh so hard, Sky Burger just knows how to show you a good time.


Yet, like I alluded to earlier, this good time doesn’t last forever. Similar to a burger that has sat on the counter for too long, Sky Burger can get stale. Just picking up the game for a quick round here and there is probably the best way to preserve the life of Sky Burger, because at the end of the day there are only so many combinations of lettuce, onions, tomatoes, etc.

Sky Burger is an excellent example of some good, clean fun. This is a game that the whole family can enjoy taking turns with, and it isn’t bad for slightly longer sessions of play. Check it out right now on sale for .99 cents, but if you miss the sale Sky Burger’s original price of $2.99 is fair.

Graphics and Presentation


Sky Burger is easy on the eyes, but it isn’t anything to write home about.



I am grateful for the itunes support, I did play the game for quite a while not even thinking to put my own music on. The sound that plays when you put a wrong ingredient on, along with the “ooohhh” noise right before you put the top bun just felt like they were worth mentioning.



Easy to learn, fun to execute and a tad challenging are sufficient descriptions for the gameplay. Perhaps drawing more attention to the ingredients list that sits atop the screen would have been a good idea, as first-timers seem not to notice this element long after they have attempted to simply grab everything that was falling.



While I personally won’t be playing the game all that often, it is a great way to introduce people to iphone gaming and as such one may find themselves pulling it out quite often. Online scores are noted and appreciated, it just seems like an environment that doesn’t really foster competition. Mostly, I am content just playing the game and not worrying about my scores.



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  • Rock $ Rolla

    this looks pretty good


    this isnt the only one out there. there are a lot of games exactly like this with different graphics.

  • Nathan Mustafa

    Well then its a good thing there are so many good games out there, eh? :)

  • chai sze fung

    is tat support for nokia c6??

  • tiana

    i LOVE sky burger i play it like every day i am obsessed