Sky Babes vs Fly Boys Review

What goes up, lets down.

Sky Babes vs Fly Boys lets you experience the “exciting” life of one of four cargo plane pilots. You can choose between two “boys” and two “babes,” which has no direct impact on the gameplay. There is also no plot relating to the characters, or anything else for that matter. The first thing I noticed when I opened the game were weird audio glitches where the music would stop/stutter in the menu. No big deal. The main issue comes to actually playing the game.


Pretty sure her voice was done by a dude.

Pretty sure her voice was done by a dude.

By issue, I don’t mean the game itself is buggy; it’s simply not very fun. The entire game consists of 2 steps: 1. touch a city to fly to it, then 2. touch the linked destination city to make the delivery. That’s it. There are three challenges during the game. One is your ever decreasing cash fund, along with the ever increasing gas prices. The other is the three AI characters that are on the same map, and potentially reaching cities before you do (and thus “stealing” the job from you). When one of the AI characters does get to a city before you, you hear one of 2-3 snarky quotes.


The graphics are not necessarily bad, but they’re not good either. The most impressive graphics come with the 3D globe you have to fly across when making deliveries on the hardest game setting. But even this is choppy at times. The sound itself is not very good, with a very short music loop that is the same for every single level, and the fore-mentioned quotes from the AI, which get annoying fast.

img_0006There are no game modes at all, but rather you can choose between different difficulty levels. An easier difficulty means a smaller map to travel around, while the most difficult is the entire world. There is also no score to speak off, or any real reason to continue playing Sky Babes.

Presentation & Graphics
Not horrible, but not great. Some choppiness with the globe levels.

Extremely short music loop for all the levels. Very cheesy/annoying voice clips for the characters.

Tapping from one city to another simply isn’t fun. The game gets boring very fast. At least it’s very good about saving your progress if you close the app.

Game Life
No high scores. No multiplayer. No career mode. No achievements. The cities are randomized when you play, which is the only replay value I can think of.

Game Rating

Unfortunately, Sky Babes vs Fly Boys just isn’t a very fun game. Sure the graphics/sound could be improved, and there is virtually no replay value (other than the fact the cities are randomized when you play), but if a game isn’t enjoyable to play, there’s not really a reason to pick it up. I suppose this could be a mediocre time-waster.

Sky Babes vs Fly Boys – $.99

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