Skabooki review

It is not easy being cursed, and it is even worse when your own daughter suffers from haunting spirits. To protect his daughter a witch doctor creates a voodoo doll to take the horror and pain instead of the innocent child. Skabooki, the voodoo doll, has got to get close to the daughter to get her out of harms way. The spirits do their best to stop Skabooki by placing puzzles in his path.

img_0953Skabooki can not move himself but instead just reacts to the environment. This means that you have to guide him by creating a path to the exit. This is done by simply tapping blocks in the level to get them to disappear. Skabooki falls downwards when the blocks beneath him disappear. Some blocks have arrows that guide Skabooki in the shown direction. You also have portals teleporting Skabooki as well as ice letting Skabooki slide in the direction his inertia takes him.

Every level have a timer in the form of a candle, and you miss a life if it burns down. There are extra lives to be found, and gained by completing levels. And lives you will need as you often find yourselves having to restart a puzzle at the cost of a life. The tiniest mistake punishes Skabooki harshly with no chance to make small adjustments once you have guided him the wrong way.

What really sets Skabooki apart from other games in the puzzle genre is the high level of polish. It looks great, sounds great and plays great. From the start menu to the game over screen it breathes quality. The story is unlocked as you complete the puzzles, and is shown in high quality pictures with text depicting the events.

img_0954The music composed by Benedict Brydern is trippy acid jazz mixed with haunted child muzak that I find perfect for the game. It fades out your own music though, and I would prefer to get a choice between game music and iPod music.

Game life is quite hefty with 100 levels/curses to complete. 28 achievements and online scoring showing the best scores on as well as Facebook connect to brag to your mates. You can play the game in three different modes giving you either longer time for each level, twice the amount of lives or twice the amount of points.

I can highly recommend Skabooki to anyone looking for a polished puzzler brimming with style and personality. At $1.99 it is a true bargain.

Final Rating


Skabooki $1.99

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