Six-Guns review

Once upon a time in the Wild West there was a man who had to do something to someone, or something.

This is that time, and Buck Crosshaw is an outlaw running from someone, or something. That is just about all the narrative you will get from Six-Guns before you are thrown into the tutorial. Learning how to walk, shoot and ride once more before graduating to a bonified gunslinger, rider and swanky lover.

1Six-Guns is basically a mixture of Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare and the Contract Killer games from Glu. That is if you remove all aspects of story, and character build-up from Red Dead Redemption.

When it comes to the structure of the game it follows a Freemium model not far from that found in Contract Killer. You click on the world map, and then you select a mission. Once that is done you can touch a button to jump directly to the mission. There isn’t any real need to explore the environment, and the notion that this is a sandbox game like Grand Theft Auto is wrong. You basically jump between missions using the map screen, and the little exploration needed is for finding hidden objects.

The gameplay is divided into a number of different missions that can be divided into five kinds. Shooting gallery on foot or horse, horse racing, rescuing damsels or finding stuff in caves, surviving a set time or fighting off waves of enemies outdoors, and finally attacking enemy camps. Too soon I started having favourite missions, or rather missions I disliked less than others. The horse racing is uninspired, and never gets exciting. If you have a good horse you win, and if you have a bad one you are dead last. To win you need to invest either in game currency, or buy a horse as IAP. Even worse is trying to fire from horseback in the shooting gallery races. The game wants you to line up the horse, and rider, with the target but then you miss the path you have to trot instead.

3Fighting in close quarters is not easy, as Buck wants to auto aim for the closest target. Too often this means that he starts spinning when enemies get close. With a lot of clipping issues, and enemies coming out of the walls this soon gets really problematic. Getting stuck is also a problem in the caves and catacombs. Trying to back away firing, often ends up with you stuck because Buck starts to waver left and right aiming automatically. When you get to a locked door or chest you enter a sliding block puzzle with limited moves. This change of pace is really weird when you are in the middle of a fire-fight with a bunch of demons.

Fighting outside in open areas is the best part of the game. Here you can take cover behind crates, and have a strategy on how to approach the enemies. There is little to no AI so soon it becomes more or less a shooting gallery exercise. The only exciting aspect is still that the enemies fire back, and you can actually get killed.

4The Freemium aspect of the game comes in the shape of only being able to purchase new health, or buying your way out of hard missions using a star-based currency. You get a star or two when you level up, but to get good weapons, horses, or medication you need to invest some dough. I bought the starter pack with dual guns, a speedier horse and some money, but that ended up making the game really easy right away. This is the problem with the Freemium model for this kind of game. It is impossible for the game developer to know when the game is perfectly challenging for a consumer. If the player never gets any challenge then the game will just be a casual way to spend time. This happens far too often in Six-Guns. Racing horses without the AI being even close makes it a yawn fest. At those times I fail not because of poor equipment, but rather because the game handles poorly in close quarter battles.

The presentation is solid, especially when you walk around the buildings at dusk. A shame then that you can’t enter anything, or talk to anyone. The entire game feels barren, almost like a post apocalyptic wasteland. The hookers giving you advice, and mission briefings must live somewhere but where?

2I really hope that Gameloft salvages the resources of this game, and puts them to better use elsewhere, and creates a proper game with a story. Now it is a mix of ideas that fails to become one comprehensive package. Fighting demons one second, and ordinary bandits the other feels weird. Even weirder is the idea of going horse racing in the middle of it all with maidens held captive in catacombs.

Six-Guns is the kind of game that you can spend a couple of days playing for free without investing a single dime. The experience isn’t that rewarding, and in the end you might feel that you actually wasted bandwidth downloading the 422 MB. Freemium games can be good, but in the case of Six-Guns it feels like a way to avoid spending time writing a proper story.

Final Rating


Six-Guns Free Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Gameloft S.A.

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  • anon_shadow

    thats why i think ea makes better games than gameloft
    while gameloft may be rolling out more titles than ea, half of those are too underwhelming when on other hand ea consistently delivers quality titles

  • gh3ry0n

    Six-guns is definitely disappointing…

    Great graphics ! Ok that’s a start.
    Shooting is easy, let’s go on.
    Lot of guns, outfits, horses (even is some of these need -disguised- IAP)… Man that’s good stuff .
    Free roaming ? Hell yeah !

    Let’s see what’s next…

    … Waitwaitwait… Nothing else ? No story ? Nothing to achieve ?


    Six-Guns is the perfect example of dude-freemium : cool game, with no point to play it.

    Downloaded, played, deleted.
    So long pal, easy come, easy go.

  • Jimmie

    Gameloft, you should be ashamed for making the appstore look like a trash can because of your company releasing crap like this. Do people actually pay you money for this garbage via iap? Honestly!?

    Can tell you one thing, your new way of using iap:s made me stop purchasing your games.


    @anon shadow, yea like BBC2 and NFS shift 2! Give me a break, EA make shitty games on Ios, though BF3 looks promising. Anyway MC3 is occupying my time and not this POS. :D

  • gh3ry0n

    @THE RPG NOOB : agreed.

    It’s all the more weird to see that Gameloft can, in a row, produce masterpieces like MC3 and pointless games (although technically good) like Six-Guns…

    If they’re trying to see which of those 2 game-making concepts is the most profitable for them, I sincerely hope it’ll be that of MC3 !

  • anon_shadow

    @therpgnoob(lol, like)
    ya i forgot shift2, it was a rehash of shift1 but was still polished and graphically good
    and i think bf2 was a decent start for them in this genre
    but gameloft on the other hand continuously releases games like fast five, rainbow six, backstab, gangstar3, six guns etc


    How can you BBC2 and decent in the same sentence! And just to let you know, I liked backstab and rainbow six despite there flaws. And your ignoring games like MC2,NOVA2, OC online, 9MM,Starfront, and MC3. Though I agree with you on the fact that Gameloft releases a lot of shovelware.


    @gh3ryon Well all developers make bad games once and awhile (except Valve and Bethesda lol)

  • gh3ry0n

    Well, worst thing is that Six-Guns isn’t technically a bad game : good graphic engine, decent animations, good atmosphere, nice weapons, & so on…

    What makes it awful is the absolute lack of purpose : no specific challenge, no story, just pure emptiness. Even when released (without any dungeons), there was a purpose in playing “Order & Chaos” for example : levelling, as in any MMORPG. In a solo game, levelling (for itself) is pointless…

  • Karma32

    What really makes this bad is the gameplay. It’s stale and boring with horrible AI, levels, and game mechanics. Plus the graphics are not that good playing on the bigger screen of the iPad, on a little screen like the iPhone it looks better. Also there’s no point in this game.

    Lets see…

    9mm – bad game, most overrated POS game on the iOS
    Six Guns – bad game
    Gangstar Rio – bad game
    Splinter Cell Conviction – horrid
    Shadow Guardian – laughable
    Specs Ops – not worth even a dollar.

    I think I’m almost done with Gameloft. They have gone down the tubes.


    @Karm32 can I join the “I hate Gameloft because Its cool even though they have made a lot of good games” club, I can oh JOY!!!!!! :D :) XD

  • Freetin

    I gave it 1 star, nothing to comment really, terrible game of the year :) )

  • Karma32

    No I’m not in that club RPG NOOB, I’m in the “I hate Gameloft because they used to make some good games over a year ago, but not anymore, now everyone jist overrates their trash cuz they think OMG gameloft they used to make good games” club.

    U kan join :D


    @Karma32 yes they have been releasing utter crap recently but MC3 and the upcoming Tintin game make up for it. But the recent news the DH3 is freemium and arena based makes me one pissed off fan. In other words, Im more then happy to join!:D

  • Nigel Wood

    I don’t have a ipad.:(

  • Chris

    Oh, i am so relieved that this got a bad review. i really did not like Six Guns at all, they made alot of hype, and i was a little excited at the idea of a open-world western. but to be honest, i have been extremely disappointed with games that gameloft has been making, with the exception of Modern Combat 3.

    im really sad that Six Guns was so terrible. :(

  • ratso4747

    To play the game into even the high teen levels without spending a substantial amount of money is very difficult if not impossible. The fees charged are outrageous and it is far cheaper to simply purchase a normal game.

  • MrDany

    The thing i think its a 100% fail is the ammo.You need to buy it with a really big price,as only the shotgun ammo is 65 coins.And another fail is the Sheriff Star.Why adding a special currency in a Single Player game?Another fail is the shooting.If you shoot a bandit it is on foot like nothing happens.That means game is unrealistic.If you want a realistic game get GTA V.(In one shoot the person is down,but not dead,like in real life and animals,realistic missions,realistic graphics,etc).Another fun thing in Six Guns;There is a thing called Beast,but that Beast is a little pikachu.With all i say this game is just a fail of Gameloft.

  • MrDany

    or just another unrealistic thing is the Mechanical horse.WTF a electric thing does in the wild west?And what does that futuristic guns (Defiler,Crucificator,Flamethrower etc) does in a game who is supposed to be in the wild west?Or the tesla gun ammo.It is a Pink Magma Ball.The defiller ammo is a Pink Magma Ball with some skull things.WHAT ALL OF THIS THINGS DOES IN THE WILD WEST?????

  • MrDany

    I think Rockstar Games makes the BEST products EVER! (as the 2nd is EA)

  • MrDany

    And for who make the web,THE GAME IS AVAILABLE ON PC (Windows 8 only)!