Sinister City: Vampire Adventure Review

Is Sinister City: Vampire Adventure a blood curdling good time?

Every now and then, it is nice to slow things down. Fast-paced shooters and intense platformers are always a good time, but sometimes it is nice to play something a little more methodical like a point and click adventure game. Sinister City is most certainly slow, perhaps a little too slow.

In this game, you play as John, a man who has lost the love of his life. Apparently, to find her you need to dig around and find random things. Much of your time spent in Sinister City will involve searching through cabinets and boxes looking for certain hidden things so you can find the thing you actually need to advance in the story. Why do I need to find a screwdriver, cat and various other items so I can get the crystal for the hypnosis machine? I have no idea.

There are also puzzles included in the game to break up the monotony of looking for stuff. Sadly, the puzzles are just not very fun. The first one you encounter involves running strings from node to node to get your hypnosis machine up and running. It is a giant pain in the butt and felt incredibly tedious. These puzzles feel like they are supposed to be the reward for finding all the stuff, but instead they seem less fun.

The writing in this point and click game is pretty good, but not at the level you expect from a game where the story is supposed to be the main thing keeping you moving forward. There are some clever lines and nothing about the writing is obtrusive, it is just not entertaining enough to keep me wanting to go back and deal with looking through more random cabinets.

The graphics look pretty good when they are showing the characters, but the environments you are spending so much time searching though look pretty blurry on a retina display. Still, at least the characters look good during dialog and they seem to emote quite well.

The voice is acting is one of the bright spots of the game. It is not of the same quality of a big budget console game, but when you factor in the scale of Sinister City, it is quite good. The rest of the sound design is nothing special, but at least they got the voice acting right.

In the end, this is just not a very fun game. Making a point and click adventure is hard. The player does not actually do a whole heck of a lot, so the puzzles, visuals and writing need to spot on. Sadly, in Sinister City: Vampire Adventure, they just aren’t.

Sinister City: Vampire Adventure is available free for the first two levels ($4.99 for full unlock). Get it on the App Store.

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