Silent Ops hands-on video

Back at E3 in June we got hands-on with an early build of Silent Ops, and to be honest I wasn’t that impressed… Next to 9mm, March of Heroes and even Let’s Golf 3, it just didn’t grab me. Silent Ops hits stores tomorrow (July 28) and I’ve played through half of the game so far. So how does the final version stack up? Well, I’m going to reserve judgement until I have completed it and had some time with the online multiplayer. However, as of now I’m still not that impressed. 9mm really blew me away – despite many of my peers disagreeing – in comparison to that game, Silent Ops feels old and out of date. The visuals feel less polished, and the enemy AI is non existent (though I have yet to try it out in hard mode). Gameloft have created an ambitious story line, and so far it’s coming across well, thanks to some solid pre-rendered cut-scenes, voice work and animation. The story has an Assassin’s Creed feel to it, particularly with animus-style flashbacks. So far though, the gameplay side isn’t quite stacking up, feeling like a weak cross between Metal gear and Bond.

Look out for my final opinion in my upcoming review. In the meantime check out some in game footage we’ve captured for you on an iPad 2. In particular check out four and half minutes in, where you’ll see the fine AI at work!

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