Shuriken Duel Review

Shuriken Duel is a casual game in which you can play both against the computer or against a second person on your device. You must toss enough throwing stars at your opponent to drain their life. Each player has a limited number of shuriken, but by tapping the stars as they fly at you, you can capture more for your reserves. If you charge your stars before throwing them, they will go faster. You have a chance in between matches to upgrade various aspects of the game, such as increasing your shuriken charge speed, or the ability to occasionally score an additional shuriken for your stockpile.

This is truely all you see in shuriken duels, game in and game out

This is truely all you see in shuriken duels, game in and game out

Unfortunately, That is all there is to this game. It is sleightly more fun if you’re bored with a friend, but even so it won’t keep you entertained for more then 15 minutes or so. There is not much to keep interest, as the gameplay is shallow and easy to master.


The only reason this game gets two stars is the fact that you can play multiplayer on a single device, which could be handy for long car rides. Other then that function, this game is not worth more then perhaps 1.25 stars.

Shuriken Duel – .99

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