Shot Shot Shoot review

Finding fun local multiplayer games for the iPad is harder than it should be. I thought the genre would explode with the larger screen, but sadly the multiplayer section is quite empty when Apple tries to promote it. In the genre the multiplayer aspect is often just a by-product, or late addition. Going against the stream I found Shot Shot Shoot that is a quick action strategy game dedicated to two player multiplayer.

img_0092Shot Shot Shoot is a frantic take on missile command combined with multitouch. You have to destroy the enemy base squares, and at the same time protect your own. The ammo is limited, and you can pick up more along the central line of the divided playing field. At heart it is a really simple game, but when played there are different approaches to use. You can guide a single missile with precision to get behind enemy lines, or you can unleash all the missiles you got and hope for the best.

There is a single player mode, and a tutorial to get you going. Playing single player is as much fun, as watching paint dry. The enemy throws stuff at you, and you throw missiles back. The game ends, and you can play again. An easy and a hard setting is available.

The game is supposed to be played against a friend, and this is where it shines. Swearing and trash talking all the way through a session is what is needed to disturb some opponents. Others have to be overwhelmed with missiles. Either way it is good fun, and a great way to hang out with friends.

img_0072The presentation in Shot Shot Shoot is minimal, and functional. Even with such limited content on the screen it at times get hard to keep up. Too often I am in the middle of destroying the last enemy square when the game ends, as I neglected my defense. This is a part of the fun against a friend, as overconfidence often leads to poor results. The music is nice upbeat techno that helps setting the frantic mood.

Shot Shot Shoot is the game to whip out on the table when you have friends around. It is good fun, easy to learn and controls well. The simple concept is not that good in single player, and I do not recommend it as such at all. If I have to divide my ratings I would give the single player experience a weak two star rating, and the two player experience a strong four star rating. Definitely recommended if you want to play with your friends.

Final Rating


Shot Shot Shoot $1.99
Version: 1.01
Seller: Erik Svedang

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