Shooting Showdown Review

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‘Guns, guns, guns Bobby’.

That’s a direct quote from the film Robocop released in 1987. I’ve always remembered it because I knew one day I’d be writing a review about an iOS game where guns, guns, guns was the order of the day. In fact, not only is it the order of the day here, it’s pretty much all the there is.

Shooting Showdown comes from Naquatic, who are responsible for the football themed showdown game called Soccer Showdown. It’s a virtual shooting range where you aim your weapon using the gyroscope to complete physics based shooting challenges. As an aside, I’d love to see a third showdown game based on American square dancing called ‘Hoedown Showdown’. I’m here all week.

The game thrusts you straight into a locker room with no pretensions such as title screen, music or any of that guff. From the off, you have to use the gyro to navigate the different options. Boards and Awards whisk you to Gamecenter, Guns allows you to purchase various weapons with game credits (and real cash of course), and your two play options are Practice and Play.

Out on the range, you’ve got a number of play types which pretty much add up to the same thing – ‘Shoot that over there’. There’s Silhoutte, where you aim for different zones on a human sized target, Plates sees you shooting various sizes of plates for points, Flip makes you fire at targets which rotate and finally Bullseye is like a game of darts with a circular target of scoring zones. Having said that, if a typical darts game for you features loaded guns, I won’t be heading to your local for a drink anytime soon.

It does what it says on the tin – Gyro to move and aim, tap the screen to shoot, hold level and swipe down to reload. Hit those targets for a high score. That’s literally your lot.

It’s also a very spartan game. And by that, don’t mean Gerard Butler in a thong, I mean you get what you get and not much more. There’s no music, only four guns to unlock (the higher powered rifles are enjoyable to fire, but lose their luster quickly), there’s not even a pause button, which is fairly irritating. You’ll also have to contend with an intrusive ad banner at the bottom of the screen unless you pay up to remove it.

At least there’s online multiplayer though. To be honest, if there wasn’t, the game would hardly be worth reviewing because the only other play option is Practice, which doesn’t allow you to earn coins to purchase new guns.

The multiplayer is fun for a while, it’s basically just the same as practice, but you’re competing to see who can shoot their way to the most points. It is of course, always better to take aim with a friend, which is something I’ve known since the age of six when I used to have urinating competitions with my best mate.

With such a limited selection of guns and game types – most of which add up to the same thing – there’s only so many times you can shoot a paper target and feel engaged. This plays more like a tech demo and doesn’t really offer much in the way of longevity. Still, if you have a particular fondness for shooting dinner plates, it’s comforting to know there’s a game out there just for you.

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Shooting Showdown is available for free for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Get it now on the Shooting Showdown - Naquatic

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  • M the G

    When I play there’s no reload option after tilt. Is it a bug?

  • Mohamad Ali Alloush

    How we tilt flat????