Sheep, reviewed.

Review by Nacho

sheepToday I’ll let the developer give the intro. Form the App Store:

“The lazy farm hand is nowhere to be found, leaving sheep scattered across the field! Get your fingers ready, because it’s time to round up the flock! Using your finger and the accelerometer hurry the sheep into the pen! Catch half of them and you’re off to the next round. Become the best herder in the world by showing your high score off online.”

938960_3Wow, three exclamation marks in that description.  It must make you think the game is really exciting to have 3 exclamation marks in the description. But if that is what you were thinking, then you would be wrong. The game Sheep lives up to it’s stereotype, boring to the point of inducing sleep. In fact if I were to recommend this game to anyone it would be as a sleep aid.

You play Sheep by touching the screen to move (scare) the sheep into their pens. Where you tap in relation to where the sheep are determine which direction they scatter. If you scare them off the screen you will lose those sheep. To add to the excitement each round is also timed. Once all your sheep are either lost,  in the pen, or time runs out the round is over.

938960I seemed to have missed the accelerometer feature. The description says “Using your finger and the accelerometer hurry the sheep into the pen! ,” but tilting the phone in any direction doesn’t seem to do anything. Even while tapping on the screen. The help on the game it doesn’t mention what the accelerometer is supposed to do either. If the game does employ the accelerometer somehow I have no idea where.

Sheep does have an online leaderboard. This feature is cool, but unfortunately reveals how un-fun this game is. There are 100 levels in the game, of the top 20 scores most didn’t make it past level 18.

Anyway, enough of my babbling, and on to the scores!!!
(Did you notice the 3 exclamation marks?)

Presentation & Graphics

One star is the worst score you can get, I gave it one half star more for good Typography. You don’t need detailed graphics to get a good score here, but something that is nice to look at would be good.


The intro song is kind of catchy but then ends as you start the game. I would have liked to have heard the song while playing, but maybe the developer thought it kept you from “getting in the zone.” In fact Sheep won’t even let you play your iPod music while playing.


What to say about gameplay. Maybe if there was some I could put a score here. I’m really having difficulty even calling this a game.


There may be 100 levels but I’ll bet you’ll never want to play through them all. At least not before falling into a coma.


There can be lots of fun to be had in the barnyard, rolling in hay comes to mind, but when it comes to corraling sheep, I’d leave that to the dogs.

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  • iPGN-Dave

    Ouch, consider this game slammed…

  • Jay

    ooh almost as bad as that half-star game