Shadowgun Deadzone iOS Hands-on (video)

We go toe-to-toe with Android players, in this multi-player spin-off of Madfinger’s 3rd Person Shooter on iOS

After an initial spell on Android, Madfinger are finally set to release Shadowgun Deadzone on iOS. The original game of Shadowgun hit iOS back in the summer of 2011, and impressed me with on a technical level as well as offering up some great action set-pieces. A multiplayer update was promised, but instead showed up as an Android only standalone game.

Now though, it has finally been ported over to iOS, and we’ve had a chance to take it for a spin against seasoned Android players, before its release later this week.

Those familiar with Shadowgun will feel instantly at home here, where it shares the same gorgeous graphics, settings and character designs. However, now you’re up against real folks from around the world, and not the AI enemies from the campaign-based game, which were sorely lacking in the intelligence department.

The game is still in the public beta phase, and for now offers up just two modes. Deathmatch, which is the standard ‘you versus everyone else’ mode; and Zone Control, a take on capture the flag, where you must convert and hold as many flags in the level as your teams colour.

Deadzone currently supports up to 12 players, with bouts being smooth and free of lag over wifi. This number of players seems the norm for this generation of mobile devices and action games. The maps are perfectly design for these numbers. Anymore and they’d be cramped, or bigger maps run the risk of too much roaming an not enough action. The two i’ve played so far seem to be a good size, and offer up plenty of places to use the Gears of War-esque cover system, making the gameplay slower-paced and more tactical than say NOVA 3 or Modern Combat 3 (though Modern Combat 4 looks to feature more cover based combat).

That’s not to say you can’t run-and-gun, but to do so will earn you more deaths than kills. The matchmaking so far seemed fair, and rarely put me up against overwhelming odds. With levelling up and the ability to purchase better weapons and perks it will be fun to see how many hardcore Android players there are out there already.

It’s great to see a game supporting multi-format (iOS and Android). For a shooter the more players the better, and luckily for us iOS users, we’ll have an install base ready and waiting to take us on.

I played both the Android version and the iOS version today to see if there were any discrepancies. The experience was nearly identical; the iPad 3 ran the game marginally smoother in my opinion as well as running at retina resolution; while the Android tablet (in this case a Nexus 7) displayed the game in wide-screen with part of it taken up by the devices back and home buttons.

Shadowgun Deadzone looks to bolster the growing number of quality multiplayer offerings on iOS. See you online this Thursday.

Look out for Shadowgun Deadzone to hit iOS on thursday, and for the massive price of FREE! We’ll have a definitive opinion the game in the coming days.

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