SENA Envy and Jornal iPad Mini reviews

Sena has been synonymous with a high level of craftsmanship, sleek design and luxury leather for years. Lately the industry for protection of our electronic devices has expanded into fashion. Collaboration between fashion and technology has made the accessories more exclusive. This of course pushes established brands such as Sena to evolve, and provide a higher level of bling. The Envy clutch case is a great example of this where style is the key ingredient.


This is a clutch case that once opens functions much like a folio case should. Inserting the iPad Mini in the Envy is easy with just a Velcro to hold it tight. The leather encapsulates the screen in a way that makes if feel smaller, and can get in the way when typing or playing games. I personally prefer solutions where the case feels more integrated in the device. Cut-outs for the home button, and cameras are well designed. Everything about the Envy has been tailored perfectly.

There are four slots for credit cards, and a larger slot for bills and notes. These are all really good when you opt to use the Envy, as a clutch wallet. When using the build in stand function it becomes a bit weird though, as the piece of the case that faces down is where you have placed your credit cards. It feels like it might cause extra wear, and tear on the cards and even risk me losing a note if it falls out. The stand function in itself is really well thought out by using an extra button with the front button to make it sturdy.

The Envy is a luxury case meant to show off your style more than the iPad Mini. The shiny quality leather is truly lovely to behold. This is the kind of case that makes a perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend or best friend. It isn’t too lavish, and balances practical functions with fashionable design.

Envy at $119.95

Final Rating



Now this is the case I would have loved to have when I was at university. Sure neither the iPad Mini nor the idea of a touch screen smartphone was on the table back then. The Jornal manages to balance functionality with a great young vibe. Adding a single leather band that is used to hold it shut does this. The leather band comes in a contrasting colour, and the one I try out contrast orange to black. Sometimes it only takes one such detail to highlight a case.

The Jornal is a folio case with two possible stand angles. To use the stand you simply fold the front flap back, and hook it to a small leather flap on the back. It works well for both viewing movies, and typing longer messages. The core desigin around the screen is the same as for the Envy above. Easy to insert the iPad Mini, but also has a bit too much leather around the screen. You do get used to it after a while though.
The Jornal has an id slot, and four credit card slots beside a long narrow pocket for notes. These are all facing the table when using the stand function in the lower typing mode, which means you might get some wear and tear on the cards. In movie viewing mode there is a clean leather piece facing downwards.

It is really easy to love the Jornal: great attention to details, soft full grain leather and practical functions. Now if I could go back in time, and bring an iPad Mini and the Jornal to my days of studies.

Jornal at $89.95

Final Rating


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